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Combined epifluorescence and atomic force microscopy now available (Sept 2016)

A new epifluorescence imaging capability integrated with CCMR's atomic force microscope is available for general use. Read More

FEI and Cornell Collaborating on new EMPAD Detector

A new high dynamic range detector for FEI’s electron microscopes Read More

Welcome New CCMR Staff Member, Darren Dale (April 2016)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Darren Dale has joined the CCMR Shared Facilities staff. Darren received his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from Cornell in 2006... Read More

Texture analysis in the Mira SEM (April 2016)

A Bruker Electron Backscatter Diffracton (EBSD) system has been installed on the Mira SEM in Bard Hall. EBSD is primarily a technique for obtaining grain orientation information from highly polished samples. It can also reveal the microstructure and, Read More

Welcome New CCMR Staff Member, Mariena Silvestry-Ramos (Nov 2015)

The CCMR is pleased to announce that Dr. Mariena Silvestry Ramos joined our technical team in October 2015. Mariena majored in biology at the University of Puerto Rico... Read More

It’s Cold Inside! (and outside, it is Ithaca of course…)

A new liquid helium cryostat allows for low and high temperature Raman and FTIR measurements in the Bard Materials facility. The cryostat, a MicrostatHires2 model from Oxford instruments,... Read More

CCMR’s First Biological Sample Prep Graduates (Nov 2015)

Congratulations to our newest electron microscopists who have completed the CCMR Electron Microscopy Facility's Biological Sample Preparation Training class for biologists or non-biologists..... Read More

Annual CCMR Symposium – Frontiers in Polymer Synthesis

The 2015 CCMR Symposium took place on May 19 on the Ithaca campus. It gathered 183 attendees from industry and academia. Representatives of nineteen companies networked with Cornell faculty..... Read More

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