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252184Why do your ears ring?
198016Are cats and dogs colorblind? Do cats' eyes glow in the dark?
98226How can you tell if a ruby is real or fake? Is there a test I can do?
97829What are the effects of sleep deprivation on the human body?
88439Why do men grow hair on their face, while most women don't?
87188Why do crystal glasses give off sound when you rub them with a wet finger?
82881When diamonds are put under a black light why do some glow and some don't? Do the real ones glow or is it the fake ones that glow, or are they all real and glow differently because of things like quality clairty, shape, cut, or things like that?
81939Why does squinting help people with vision problems see better?
71625Does sugar make you hyper if you eat a lot of it?
68763Can you turn gas into a solid form?
68262I heard that peppermint candy will help you do better on a test. Is this true? And, is there anything in peppermint candy that will boost my scores?
65486How do relaxers on your hair work?
65269How do you grow seedless watermelons?
63956How many earths will fit in the sun?
61830Who invented math?
61532Why is a tomato considered a fruit and not a vegetable?
61072How are crystals formed?
60112Is it safe to touch mercury bare handed? Are you going to be poisoned if you touch it?
56790How are elements named?
56764How do you split atoms?
56154How many dimensions are there?
53786How does a fluorescent light bulb work?
49606Do fish see in color?
47966If humans only use 10% of their brains, what is the other 90% doing?
47069Why do crickets make noise at night?
46362Why can't you put metal in a microwave?
45460Why are humans born with eyes open and puppies are born with eyes closed?
44242How can the sun burn without oxygen in space? If there is oxygen in space why do astronauts need oxygen?
43819How does water boil? Why are there bubbles and how does bubbling work?
43548How can you tell if a diamond is real or fake?
43314What causes the earth to rotate and why?
42617Will your skin change color if you eat enough of a colorful food? (For example, if you eat a lot of carrots, will your skin turn orange?)
40902What if you had no white blood cells?
38867How is rubber made?
38741Why do humans enjoy music? What is it about the brain that makes sounds translate into pleasure and other emotions?
38311Why does your tongue get stuck to metal in the winter?
38193Why do birds bob their head when they walk?
37952How do you make a magnet?
36529At what magnification on a microscope can you actually see animal cells and plant cells?
36439How did animals get to have rabies?
36131Why are computer chips written on silicon?
35911Why do the electrons of an atom orbit around the nucleus?
35211Why are robin's eggs blue?
35065Why does oil float above water?
34324Why does soap make bubbles?
34103Does energy have mass? Does light have mass?
34086Isaac Newton discovered gravity, but why did he call it gravity?
34038Why do your cheeks turn red when you get embarrassed? How come when we get nervous our heart feels like it's beating faster?
33984How do you make a man made element?
33899Why do your bones crack when you walk up or down stairs sometimes?
33830How does a fire hydrant work?
32890Why does water boil at a lower temperature in Denver (higher altitude) than in New York?
32806How does a Van De Graaf generator work and what is it made from?
32756How many atoms are in a grain of sand?
32686How is glass made?
32262Why does fruit ripen?
32207How can information be sent on radio waves, etc? How can things that have no mass contain messages?
32086What kinds of plants live on the bottom of the ocean?
31513How does your body move? Does the brain send it messages?
31278How exactly do catalysts lower the activation energy of bonds?
30808Why does skin wrinkle and what causes it as you get older?
30799Is popping popcorn a physical or a chemical change?
30555Why don't birds' legs get frostbite? Because they are not covered with feathers, they could get frozen, couldn't they?
30514Why are there different colors to lightning?
29888How do solar energy cars work?
29864What makes the sun hot?
29639Can humans ever see in the dark with no night vision glasses or other aids?
29516How is ink made?
29335How does burning gasoline make a car move?
29264What is ceramic made of?
29260Since there is no air on the moon, why is the United States flag waving around when you see footage of man on the moon?
29160I have a recipe to make homemade glue. The recipe asks you to heat skim milk and vinegar until the milk curdles. Then it asks to remove the liquid from the mixture and add sodium bicarbonate to the curdles. What is sodium bicarbonate and why is it an important ingredient to make the glue?
29020Why does the wind blow?
28511How does the CCD work in a digital camera?
27312What is color? I know that objects absorb some colors and reflect others. But why do objects absorb or reflect certain colors? What do you add to something to make it reflect a color?
26994Does every one in the world have cancer cells in their body?
26395Is it possible to determine the resonance frequency of an object that has a diameter in nanometers in size (such as a cell)?
26233What evidence do we have that continents were connected?
25876Why do we have fingernails?
25829Why do cats' eyes glow in the dark?
25713Why do graphic equalizers have so many bars? I could understand 2 bars for L and R channels, but I get puzzled every time I look at one. If I took the left or right channel plug out of my receiver, would half of the bars stop moving?
25585How do dreams and nightmares occur? Why do we sometimes remember our dreams, and other times we do not remember? Do we dream every night?
25542Do flies have hearts?
25351Do trees have leaf "pores" where the leaves grow back every year in the same place, or do leaves grow back in different spots along a branch?
25315Does the mass of the Earth increase with the increasing population? If not, why not?
25026Water doesn't spoil, but why do some water bottles have expiration dates?
24878What is the most common type of blood?
24224Why does the sun have black spots?
23940Where have most dinosaur bones been found? Where have the most dinosaur eggs been found?
23895Where does liquid nitrogen come from and how is it made?
23808How does sun block work?
23679What chemical properties, if any, makes things sticky?
23522If hydrogen and oxygen are both flammable why doesn't water burn?
23483Why is it that when you burn a contained candle the wax disappears? Does it evaporate? What is the chemical reaction?
23441How do scientists know what the Earth's inner core is made up of?
23376Can animals get a sunburn?
23241How does sonar work?
22947Will a candle burn in a space ship where everything is weightless?
22744Why is the center of the earth hot?
22625Where does static electricity come from? How does it get in my cat's fur? Why is it worse in winter? How do dryer sheets get static out of clothes?
22236How do people think? What are memories stored as? Where is it stored? How is it recalled? How can I have independent thinking?
21940How do butterflies fly?
21799What is fire? Does it have mass?
21670Do evergreen trees give off oxygen all year round?
21641Why are combustion reactions exothermic (why is fire hot)? What makes these reactions produce heat the way they do?
21554How do we know how old the earth is?
21540Why are cats so flexible?
21429Why does light travel slower in different materials (glass, water, etc.)? Also, how have scientists slowed light to "walking speeds"?
21250Why does salt melt snow?
21204How do underwater flares and torches work, when water puts out fires?
21074Why does the moon rise and set in a few hours some nights and on other nights, the moon will rise at early darkness and still be in the sky the next morning?
20876How do MRI's work? What are all the ticking and banging noises?
20773What material is flame made of?
20772Can only water evaporate or can other liquids?
20747How do chameleons/anoles change colors?
20602How does the desalination of water work?
20446How do they compress oxygen into pure oxygen tanks?
20233How does Aspirin work?
20214Why is it normal to move your arms when you walk or run?
20028How many types of rocks are there throughout the world?
19950Where does the salt in the sea come from?
19913Why do people get seasick or carsick?
19877Why do people get that weird feeling in their stomachs when they go down a hill or ride a rollercoaster?
19847How come we have two eyes but see only one of everything?
19839Why can birds fly but penguins can't?
19703Why does the sky turn red or orange when the sunsets? Why does it turn grey during a storm?
19604Why do babies get their parents features?
19441Why do dolphins live in the water when they are mammals?
19417Why do different balls bounce differently?
19315Is a venus flytrap a producer or a consumer?
18936Why are evergreen trees green all year round?
18895Why can't we hold our breath like the whales?
18690Why do deer lose their rack in the winter?
18514Why do bees sting?
18435Is sinking sand real or myth? If real, please explain how it works.
18170Why, when you breathe in helium, does your voice change?
17999After mixing 1oz of cornstarch and some water together, why does it get hard when pressure is applied? And then when the pressure is released, the mixture becomes drippy?
17634Does temperature effect the speed of light?
17613How is it that no matter where a person stands on earth they are always upright? Why aren't people in Antarctica upside down?
17597How does light travel though space if atoms aren't close together?
17549Why do baseball bats sting you when you hit a baseball?
17528What is the lowest recorded manmade vacuum? What is the lowest recorded natural vacuum? With known physical restraints of the universe, what is the lowest vacuum pressure in theory? Is is possible for low pressures to break...chemical, atomic, particle bonds/interactions? If so, can you give examples at each level?
17459Why do ships float? Why don't ships sink?
17319How long does it take for the so-called biodegradable plastic cutlery that is now on the market to decompose? What is the energy cost to produce it in the first place? Are they truly an environmentally responsible product?
17304How does a copy machine work?
17279Can candle wax become a gas?
17148How are dryer sheets manufactured?
17070How many rocks are there on Earth?
17032How many species of bats are there? Why do bats live in caves? How big do bats get? Do bats go underwater? How long do bats live? Do bats mate and give birth while flying or hanging?
17027How exactly are nocturnal animals able to see in the dark?
16882Can a cellular phone work in space? How far into space can you go without losing communication?
16867Can fire stay lit in space? For example, when a rocket takes off into space, there is fire coming out of the engines, but while in space is there still fire coming out of the engine? If not, how does the rocket get propelled without the force of the engine fire?
16808Why does the gravitational pull of the moon control the tides of the sea?
16793Why does the earth have more water than land?
16623I know that water can put out a fire. What does liquid nitrogen do to a fire?
16582What causes a tidal wave?
16573Why do coals appear 'red hot' in a fire and is this the hottest spot in a fire?
16528Does the moon have earthquakes/moonquakes?
16284What makes the weather change?
16241What makes Band-Aids sticky?
16229How does a glow-stick work and how come neon glows?
15923Why does hot air go up and cold air go down?
15902Why is grass green?
15861Is it possible to use electrolysis or another method to separate NaCl into sodium and free floating chlorine gas?
15767If fire needs air to breathe and the sun is a ball of fire, how does the sun stay lit if there is no air in space?
15697What is anti-matter? Does it exist naturally? Does it look and feel like regular matter? How do scientists make anti-matter?
15582Why do computers freeze up?
15525How come there is no thunder and lightning in the winter time?
15478Why do some dogs eyes reflect red instead of yellow and does this have anything to do with their coat type?
15447If icebergs are made of fresh water, why don't they melt in the salt water of the ocean?
15409From what metals are electromagnets made?
15370What shape are stars?
15084How does a lens bend light to focus on a point?
15038Why do chameleons change color?
14988How are electromagnets used in simple telephones?
14729How do bugs stick to the wall?
14707If the electrons are attracted to the protons, why don't they come crashing into the nucleus?
14600Why is element 43 made by man and none of the elements around it are?
14473How does a particle accelerator work and why is it so useful?
14470Why don't you see two things if you have two eyes?
14354How do scientists detect and measure seismic waves?
14324Why does the earth behave like a magnet?
14102How do polar bears get water in the Artic? I thought all the fresh water was frozen in the ice caps?
14090Why do baby fawns have spots?
14060What happens to a hydrogen atom after it has come in contact with a flame - I know it "pops" but what happens to the actual atom - does it remain as a hydrogen atom? Does it form a new atom or compund or is it annihilated?
14059Why is it generally colder at higher elevations?
14056Is a horse's leg bone bigger than a human leg bone? If so, when a horse's bone breaks why is it so much harder to heal?
14036How do you jam a radio broadcast?
14011How are carbon nanotubes formed? Can they be positioned easily? How?
13989How hot is it at the earth's core? Does the heat affect our temperature?
13974What would happen if a tornado started in the southern hemisphere and progressed into the northern hemisphere? Would it change directions?
13949Why is the planet Mars red?
13872Why does a cow have so many stomachs?
13855Why don't sharks have bones?
13836Why is there zero gravity in space?
13812How come ice skates slide over ice so easily when hydrogen bonds usually make things stick?
13791Why do cats shed all year round even on the coldest days?
13692How small is the smallest thing you can see under a microscope?
13650Can the human eye be compared to a computer monitor? Does the view we see refresh itself or is it more like live feed? If something was moving too quickly, would it appear jumpy like a low frames/second?
13588Is a snail faster or slower than a slug?
13483What happens at the edge of a diamond? How does the carbon end?
13471Why is carbon the building block of matter?
13414Have nanobots already been created? What are nanobots made out of? Are they decomposable or will they just build up? What do they use for a power source?
13407Are there any nontoxic ingestible fluorescent materials?
13350What is the volume of water in a gallon of ice?
13347Can lava rock be heated and turned back into lava?
13337What causes the electron within an atom to emit photon packets? We were told to make a diagram of it. What causes the electron to skip down a level and emit photons?
13337Does the moon have lithospheric plates? Do other planets have distinct layers such as the inner core, outer core, and mantle, like the earth does?
13213What would happen if I dyed water green with food coloring, then put it in a humidifier? I was going to do it but my mom made me stop at the last second.
13135Why or how can some animals make a limb for themselves?
13121Is carbon dating an effective way of finding how old something is?
13114How efficient is photosynthesis compared to the amount of light energy delivered to the earth?
13016How do minerals and nutrients form? Why do some foods have metals in them?
13013If plastic is made to be biodegradable, then won't the plastic forks and spoons we use dissolve in our mouth?
12942What is lightning and what makes thunder rumble?
12862Why do boomerangs come back when you throw them?
12857Why does rain fall in drops rather than gush down?
12770How do you make a laser?
12737What formula or method was used to determine Avogadro's number?
12695Do photons have mass? If not, then how does gravity affect light (i.e. Black holes)?
12680What are quasars, what causes them to be formed?
12669How are marshmallows made?
12659Is jello an amorphous solid? If not, what is it?
12603How will electric shocks to a plant effect its growth?
12594Who determined the speed of light and how did they do it?
12548How does wind affect waves?
12493How much does the population grow a minute?
12487Is AIDS the only incurable disease?
12444Why is there discussion as to whether or not glass is a liquid or a solid?
12408How can electricity run things?
12362Why are eyeballs wet?
12227Why has no one been able to cultivate truffles? What separates them from other fungi?
12196Why can't fish breathe on land?
12182What happens if you go into space with a regular plane? Do you explode?
12038How do new materials that are used in swimming suits work and where do they come from?
12004What is spontaneous combustion? Is it a myth? What causes it?
11973How are radioisotopes used to battle cancer cells?
11949Why do turtles have shells?
11882Is it possible to snow at any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit? Is it ever possible for it to be too cold to snow?
11797Why does a nuclear bomb create so much energy with such a small amount of mass? Why is there so much nuclear fallout with such a small amount of nuclear material in the bomb?
11780My dad just got some new tennis shoes with that reflective stuff on them. What is the difference between those reflective stickers and the glow in the dark stars over my bed?
11750Why can't we swallow our food whole like snakes?
11725Why do dogs have padded feet?
11697How does a sociologist apply the scientific method in the study of sociology?
11620Where do tornadoes come from?
11592Why do they say there are two sides of your brain?
11576If there is a flash of light inside of a cube, whose walls are all mirrors on the inside will the light keep reflecting off of every wall infinitely? Or will it just go away? What will happen?
11546What was the longest time a tornado touched the earth and when was it?
11518Does magnetism work in space?
11509 Why does the earth revolve around the sun in an oval shaped orbit not in a round orbit?
11428When hydrogen explodes and combines with oxygen, where does the energy that is released in the explosion come from?
11408How many other galaxies do we know of? Do we have the materials to make a spaceship to reach another galaxy?
11319How does CGI (like in the Matrix and the Hulk) work?
11286It has been said that man cannot produce a perfect sphere. How can that be said if we have nothing perfectly spherical as a reference to begin with?
11275How do you clone plants?
11221How does gravity work?
11186How are simple machines used in doorknobs?
11173How can hummingbirds fly backwards?
11166How do CDs Work?
11059Why do we get a shock from electricity?
11051How do we get cavities from candy and why do our teeth turn gray/blackish?
11018Why does motor oil prevent paint from drying?
11001How do you clean bones you would like to use in a display?
10987If we had to leave earth, what would be the best planet to move to? Which one would be most like Earth?
10960What makes spider silk so strong?
10881How many different kinds of dinosaurs are there?
10876How does the moon cause tides and how is it that when it is high tide in one place it can also be high tide on the other side of the world?
10821How would gravity function if the earth were a torus?
10818If light has no mass, why is it affected by gravity? I read that light can not escape a black hole because of the gravitational pull and that light from distant stars bends around our sun's gravitational field, making it appear that they are in a different direction from Earth than they actually are. I also read that light is massless, and that gravitational force is a function of mass. These seem inconsistent.
10790If you take a substance like water and were able to get it to absolute zero, where supposedly the molecules would cease to move, and then you reheated it, would the molecules recover and start to move again?
10683Why does each snowflake have a different shape?
10677With California blackouts and amazingly high heating costs, are alternate energy sources becoming closer to "hitting the market" than ever? If so, what are they and what are their pros and cons?
10673If you could drill a tunnel all the way through the earth and dropped a rock in it, what would happen?
10649I am interested in becoming a scientist. What do I need to study to pursue this interest?
10645How do magnets work?
10629What about the atomic structure of a substance determines its color and/or luster?
10586What allows me to use my own voice inside my head to talk to myself? Like when you do math inside your head. How do we hear ourselves? With our brain?
10577How do airplanes fly?
10549Are there rainbows when it snows?
10532What would happen if I touched a cloud?
10482How does a firefly make its light?
10452How come deserts have sand instead of dirt and soil?
10288Why is it you can see lightning as it goes through the air, but not a laser beam?
10271Why do drops of water cling to glass?
10248Why do trees get new rings every year?
10234How are the colors in a rainbow made?
10221What color is Saturn, and are there planets in other galaxies?
10193How do you find dinosaur bones?
10170Where does the chlorine from pools go when the water evaporates? Does this harm the ozone?
10150Can there be hummingbirds in Croatia?
10106Why are some dishes safe to put in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, but others aren't?
10087What is the highest microscope power on an electron microscope?
10070When I place a straw in a glass of soda, the part of the straw in the water appears bigger and also seems bent as I look down into the cup. Why does it look bigger and why does it appear to bend upon entering the water?
10035If solids, like glass and ice, are made of tightly packed molecules, how can we see through them?
9959What causes certain sounds to be unique even though they are on the same frequency?
9957Recycled metal looks like the same color as non-recycled metal. When soda cans are recycled, what happened to the paint or dye that was on top of the aluminum?
9925Can we ever make nuclear powered cars in the future?
9876What is it about the human eye that limits the types of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen as visible light? Why are other animals capable of interpreting infrared waves as well?
9869How do fuel cells work?
9865How do they put the flavor in candy?
9848How do some flowers respond to stimuli such as light?
9823How do sea turtles find their way back to the same beach they were born on after traveling all through the sea?
9753If light travels in a straight line, why is lightning crooked?
9719What is a mole?
9710How is the equation E=mc2 carried out physically?
9688Why is vegetable oil able to be used as a power source for automobiles?
9680Can one of the professors write about some of the bacteria that are becoming immune to antibiotics? We are concerned when they are putting antibiotics in some meats now, and talking about antibacterial soaps having an effect on the immunity.
9642What was the gas mileage for the earliest cars made?
9639Why is space black?
9635What causes lightning?
9599Why is it possible for some animals to hear certain frequency pitches of sound and why others can't. What is different about their ears?
9592When a water surface reflects something (when looking from the top), does it undergo total internal reflection?
9571There are many types of dwarf stars, what are they and what makes them different?
9529Why doesn't it rain inside a house?
9501I know that a TV screen is made up of lots of blue, green and red dots, so why does the light coming out of it look blue from a distance?
9490How do scientists determine the viscosity of lava?
9487How do microwave ovens work?
9471How did people find out a day is 24 hours?
9458What are Saturn's rings made of?
9451What happens at the absolute speed of zero? The earth is moving at some speed, the galaxy is moving at some speed. If you could stop all direction and speed, what would happen?
9443How do scientists know there are such things as atoms?
9424Do things rust in outer space?
9375Why do frogs or certain frogs have to stay in the water? I know its their habitat but why can't they leave and stay on land?
9352Why is the sky blue?
9325I've heard that due to the massive amount of empty space in and between atoms, people could walk through a brick wall. How true is this from a scientific point of view?
9270How many active volcanoes are there in the world?
9225What is a Green Flash?
9220Apparently Romer measured the speed of light due to a delay in the satellite of Jupiters orbits. But how did he measure it - he must have had a succession of measurements over say 1 year, yet been able to time very accurately the advance or retard. How did he do this since he didn't have an accurate pendulum clock. ie what was his actual experimental method - nowhere can I find a good description.
9211What causes a heat sensitive material, such as a mood ring, to change color when it's temperate is altered? What is this material made of, and where else might it be used?
9210Why do stars twinkle?
9202How are submarines able to go down so deep under the water, and then surface?
9166Is time travel possible?
9148When is dry ice a fluid?
9148What causes the Earth to rotate?
9111What does a flying fish do to fly?
9084Why do people have stress?
9008Why do stars form pictures?
9007What is Vitamin A and what does it do? Also, what kinds of elements are in Vitamin A?
8989How do eye glasses improve a persons sight?
8965How accurate is the VSEPR model of molecular geometry for predicting the shapes of large, complex molecules?
8942What is the lowest temperature possible?
8907What is Jupiter made of?
8905What are MEMS and why are they an important scientific break through?
8897Why does my milkshake stay thick even when it warms up? Shouldn't it get thinner as it melts?
8889How big is the universe and how did we figure it out? Where has the farthest telescope seen? How far have people sent the furthest satellite?
8884How do you make synthetic elements?
8865How is mercury a liquid like substance, but it does not make anything wet?
8847How do freshwater snails osmoregulate? I ask because I have been wondering why there are no freshwater squid. They would be a great fit for the estuaries. Please tell me how freshwater snails osmoregulate.
8801How can a black hole suck things up if it doesn't really occupy any space? How do we know that space doesn't just end?
8799What's the most dangerous animal in New York State?
8759How does RADAR work?
8705How do you make a rock into a metal or a crystal?
8702How do engines start?
8681What is nanotechnology used for? Why do scientists study it?
8651Why is gold such a soft material compared to something like iron?
8607Why is a mirror left-right reversed, and not up-down backwards?
8607I understand lead was replaced by graphite in pencils. Was this because of lead's harmful effects or because of economic reasons that the lead was replaced?
8601What is blood made out of? If you wanted to make blood, what ingredients would you need?
8554Is the ozone layer affecting our seasons? How?
8553Is being a scientist fun? How is it fun?
8534If an archeologist found a human tibia is it true that they can calculate the height of that particular person?
8505Why do some scientists believe Pluto is not a planet? The dictionary defines a planet as "A non-luminous celestial body illuminated by light from a star, such as the sun, around which it rotates." Doesn't Pluto meet these conditions?
8505Why can squirrels touch the telephone wires and not get electricuted?
8447If radioactive elements are getting converted into half in each of their successive half lives, then are radioactive elements going to disappear from universe after certain amount of time?
8335Archeologists dig backward in history the deeper they go. Where does all this extra earth material come from and will the planet get bigger and wider as eons pass?
8330Why is it that when fruit ripens, it gets sweeter than when it's picked? Is there more sugar in it?
8296Why isn't the shortest day of the year the coldest?
8285Can you explain the darkening of glass by irradiation? I am working with a high school chemistry teacher who would like to be able to use some old glass samples in discussions of atomic structure. Some of the glass has been turned purple through exposure to Cobalt-60.
8276What was there before the "Big bang?" Why did it happen?
8269Is there another solar system besides ours?
8256Why are some lights called Halogen Lights? Do they contain elements from the Halogen group?
8248We've heard that bats can glide but not soar, and we've also heard that they can't glide or soar... only fly by flapping. Can you clear this up for us? (We're asking because, in the summertime when we look up, we're not always sure whether we're seeing are swallows or bats at dusk, and this would help.)
8239How many scales do fish normally have?
8213Why is it that when I look at one side of the spoon I see my reflection right side up, and when I turn the spoon over I see my reflection upside down?
8206What is the aurora borealis and why does it occur?
8077Why is it that when I hold a stick over a fire it ignites without touching the coals?
8042How are plastics made into useful products?
8041Our textbook tells us the speed of the molecules that make up the air we breathe, but the speed it gives us is faster than the speed of sound. Why don't we hear sonic booms as when an airplane breaks the sound barrier? Are the particles just too small for us to hear the booms?
8024Why does popcorn stick to your tongue or anything else that is damp?
8019How do mutations occur? Do they risk life?
7991What shape can a volcano be?
7975What is the chemical make up of Canola oil?
7974Where does water get its strength?
7952We were measuring water. There was some water on the table. There was water under one of the cups. We tried to pick up the cup lightly and it stuck. Why?
7944We have been introduced to Bernoulli's principle, and have done little experiments to see how moving air can have less air pressure than still or slower moving air. We can understand that it is true for water and air, but why?
7937Specifically, we have paperwork that gives different names for several of the new elements: Db for number 105 instead of Ha and Bh for number 107 instead of Ns. Do we have names for 110, 111, or beyond? What is the last one that was made?
7930What is the history of coding?
7920How does a microphone work?
7888How is it physically possible for a sneeze to efficiently clear out our sinuses? What happens during a sneeze?
7832What is in batteries that causes electricity?
7822How is a language invented?
7819When was the very first dinosaur on Earth?
7807What is ozone and what makes it?
7787What molecular property causes certain matter to be transparent?
7785Why does Jupiter have a red spot?
7782How do you believe the Earth and the universe originated? And how is your theory proven by science?
7774Why do chinese water deer have canine teeth?
7772Is Pluto small enough to ever drift out of orbit?
7756What makes gyroscopes in airplanes orient themselves correctly in any position?
7756Why does the light from a sodium lamp appear orange?
7741Why do baseballs fly farther in Coors Field in Colorado?
7728When a hermit crab leaves its shell that is too small, does it wander around without a shell until it finds another one, or does it go around with its shell till it finds a bigger empty one?
7652If you put a balloon of oxygen into liquid nitrogen what would happen to the balloon?
7631How do speakers produce more than one sound at a time (example: guitar and vocal)?
7621What types of body chemicals are involved in depression? Has anyone done research on a possible connection between negative blood types and depression?
7603What are hydrothermal vents?
7587In Einstein's equation, E = mc2, he says that the energy released by an object is equal to the object's mass times the speed of light squared. Why is the speed of light a factor in determining energy release?
7540Why are some musical instruments still made out of wood instead of using new types of materials like plastic?
7515What is the invasive zebra mussel doing to Cayuga Lake? Is it anything like what happened with the cichlids and nile perch in Victoria Lake?
7513How can we manage our natural resources? Will they run out?
7508Are there life forms (animals, insects) that live in underwater volcanoes?
7476Is the Mars Rover powered solely by solar power? How long will the solar panels be able to power the rover?
7475In space, are solar panels being used for power? What about nuclear power?
7449Why is plasma classified as a phase? What is its chemical make-up? How was it discovered?
7443What is a wormhole?
7386What causes lightbulbs to be so inefficient, and how is efficiency rated?
7372Why are male robins more colorful than the female robins?
7370What is the evolutionary reason for abstract thought, art and expression?
7331Why are apes different from humans and monkeys?
7319Why do we have nightmares/night terrors? How long do they normally last?
7307Why does glass weigh more than plastic?
7226Why is the full moon bigger in some places than in others?
7200Does Jupiter rotate and change place with other planets (like Pluto)?
7184What is fiber optic cable and what advantages does it have over other technologies?
7179How do you make a computer game?
7147Why does wood turn to ashes in my fireplace?
7140Where are the crystals in the crystal radio?
7111Why do certain events stay in your memory for a long time whereas others vanish quickly? How does you brain discriminate between them?
7097How do computers communicate with Chinese characters?
7091Why do the moon and the sun seem to change colors?
7088Do mountains ever fall?
7074What would the result be if the acid in your stomach turned into a base? What effect would it have on your body?
7069In an accelerator when an electron and positron collide, for a short time they form pure energy. Where does the energy come from if energy can't be created or destroyed and where does the matter go?
6990Do certain flavors actually make your mouth cooler? (Peppermint, Spearmint)
6971How do mutations occur? Do they risk life?
6970What would cool down faster and turn to ice quicker: hot water in the freezer or cold water in the freezer?
6967Why doesn't gold rust?
6961How can so much information be crammed into such a small space on a microchip?
6891In 1987, there was a supernova which was detected on earth by a burst of neutrinos and also by a flash of light coming from the exploding star. Einstein's relativity principle mandates that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, so the light and the neutrinos should have reached earth at the same time. But instead, the neutrinos arrived first, followed 6 hours later by the light. What is the explanation of this? Does it mean that Einstein was wrong?
6887How do lasers in machines work?
6878How does two-photon microscopy work? How do the resonance patterns create a photon with half the wavelength of the parent photons?
6837If the mantle can rise when weight has been lifted off of it (isostasy), then why are some islands sinking into the ocean?
6797What is the difference between fuels (Diesel, unleaded, etc.)?
6778How are spiders different from insects? How many species of spiders are there? How many different silks are there?
6767The laws of thermodynamics teach that things in nature go from order to disorder but the theory of evolution teaches that well ordered creatures evolved from disordered ones. How can both be true?
6720I would like to know why is it that most people like to finish off a meal with something sweet? Or is it just natural to balance savory and sweet? If so, why not the other way around? Is it purely from the gastronomic angle or that's the way our senses and palate are built?
6717How do they measure how far away stars are?
6678Why do migrating birds fly in that particular formation?
6659Why are the small computers of today faster than the big IBM computers of the past?
6648How does the atomic clock work? I know it has something to do with the element cesium, but how does it "know" the "right" time to the exact second?
6637If fog is really just low clouds, why don't they appear billowy and poofy like clouds in the sky do?
6628How is it that when powder is applied to a surface fingerprints appear?
6619How do spaceships work?
6603What is the smallest amount of a substance that can still have color?
6599What is dark matter and what kind of gravitational effects does it have on the cosmos?
6593How do wings on birds make them fly?
6575Why is the sky a blaze of color during sunset in Arizona?
6544What is the string theory in Physics?
6525Why are the boiling points of metals with metallic bonds so varied?
6480How do you grow taller?
6478Is the human eye like a fingerprint? Can it be used for positive identification purposes?
6473If water evaporates, then why do we have lakes, ponds, and oceans?
6450What are clouds made of?
6419In biology, do you study about birds and find out what they eat and where they live and where they migrate?
6416What affect will the new "gene-altered" foods have on us?
6382Does the universe have an edge?
6377 I was under the impression that viscosity of a fluid, particularly motor oil, increases as heat is applied. What is viscosity and does it have a positive or negative temperature coefficient?
6348Is it possible that there is an asteroid bound for earth?
6293What is the exact use of the International Space Station? How long is it going to take to build? How does it work?
6266We learned that plastics are being used as lights. Can any other ordinary products be developed in the same way?
6256Can you find vitamins in the ground?
6236What fuel will be used in future interstellar rockets?
6219What are mirages?
6122What is a x-ray?
6105Why is the pressure required for a bicycle tire so much higher than the pressure for a car tire? How come the much smaller bike tire does not explode when filled with such high pressure?
6103What kinds of plants are poisonous?
6082Why is a dandelion stem like a straw (hollow)?
6053Is it possible to raise a cloned limb from the body?
6046I've heard of the expression "once in a blue moon" and I was wondering what is a blue moon and what is the significance in this saying?
6026How does a mass spectrometer separate isotopes?
6023How is hail produced?
6013How come when you are riding in a bus, car, plane, or train, you don't feel like you are moving? You can move about the same as if you are on the ground.
6009What are the possibilities that there is another form of life in the universe?
5919Do Praying Mantis' eat animals bigger than themselves?
5864What is a black hole and why does it suck in objects in space?
5834What exactly is radiation and why is it harmful? What can it do to you? How is it made?
5812If someone would dig a huge hole and fill it in with water so that it was a lake, in 1,000 years would the lake have fish in it?
5791What are electromagnets and what metals are included?
5737Why don't explorers go to planets other than the moon?
5736What known effect does radar and mobile phone towers have on racing pigeons capabilities to home?
5701Does gravity get stronger nearer to the ground? If so by how much?
5698Why do some bugs jump?
5694Can you genetically change organisms like bacteria to eat garbage?
5684How is the milky way different from other galaxies?
5664Can you create protons? And if not, where did the hydrogen nuclei required to form a star come from?
5607Can you take a migratory bird and magnetize the compass paricles in its head so it can't tell where it's going?
5574What exactly are isotopes? I know that an element with different proton and neutrons is an isotope. So would it mean that (for example) Barium is an isotope but Aluminum is not?
5501I have heard of ways to get energy through the braking of a car. How does this work?
5486How does the wind blow?
5464Why are dipole-dipole and London-Dispersion Forces so much weaker than hydron bonds? Why are intermolecular forces weaker than atomic bonds?
5442How do people think of the words we say?
5393If an object passes in front of a projector/point-source of light that illuminates a screen far away, it will cast a shadow on the screen. Now, if the object moves fast enough, and/or if the screen is far enough, the shadow will move much faster than the object, and at a certain speed of the object, the shadow will move faster than the speed of light. What would a bystander, or a camera, see?
5391I've always been puzzled by the way celestial bodies orbiting one another tend to "line up" on a roughly two-dimensional plane. Take the Solar System, for example: in all of the illustrations or moving simulations of planetary orbits I have seen, the planets always align themselves along roughly the same horizontal axis, with only slight vertical variation in their respective orbits. Is this phenomenon of "horizontal alignment" a result of the gravity of all the planets / moons / rings kind of pulling each other together even while they are all orbiting the same sun / planet? Was there an earlier time in the history of the solar system or of individual planets where there was a greater disparity between the horizontal alignments of different orbiting bodies? Or have I just been seeing simplified illustrations that don't accurately reflect all three dimensions in which bodies orbit other celestial bodies?
5353How did scientists get the idea for light years?
5345How does a bumble bee know which flower it's already been to?
5316What kinds of elements are found in the oldest rocks?
5304Won't the non-use of chlorofluro-carbon (CFC's) do more harm than good?
5265If a person stands on a circular rotating stand, facing away from the centre with arms outstretched holding a spinning bicycle wheel and tilts the wheel to once side this causes the stand they are standing on to rotate. My questions are: Why is this? Does it make a difference which way the bicycle wheel is spinning? Will the bicycle wheel's momentum be effected by the spin of the stand the person is stood on? For the strongest anti-clockwise pull on the stand should the wheel be angled by raising the right hand and lowering the left(tilting), or pushing forward the right hand and drawing back the left (turning).
5242Have you or will you ever try to weigh a red blood cell? If so, how would you?
5207What further advances have scientists at Cornell made in the study of GMO's?
5176Why does the color of tree leaves change?
5115When lightning flashes, does one see the plasma or the electrical charge?
5083How do people know how to make electricity?
5082I am currently studying electronics and how they work together to perform work. But I seem to get confused when the term "ground" is used. I understand that it is a "zero" reference point, and that it is a common return path for electrons to earth ground. I get stumped though when I see a schematic that has a ground attached to the negative end of a battery terminal in a dc circuit. Why don't the electrons just flow straight to ground? Then in an AC circuit schematic, I see a ground connection again connected to the negative side of a circuit. Can I assume that the ground is positively polarized which attracts the electrons?
5072What are computers going to look like in the future?
5050Have we ever observed a newborn star "turn on"? Or, is the process of self-sustaining nuclear fusion so gradual that the increase in luminosity of newborn stars is not noticeable in a human lifespan?
5035When a star is dying and increases greatly in size, is it because the gravitational pull from the star cannot overcome the pressure of the gasses that make up the star to begin with?
5027How does energy that is released as heat get reused?
5026Can an infrared beam conduct an electrical current?
5005In an empty charged sphere, even though the charge is evenly distributed on the surface, why does it behave as if it is all in the center? (The same as gravity)
4983What is a shooting star?
4914Can you please tell me what exactly nanobiotechnology is. Also, does it have a future? Or will it greatly effect the future and will nanobiotechnology be one of the leading areas of research?
4881Why do scuba divers wear rubber?
4812Is it imaginable that an AIDS vaccine will be developed?
4711If you burn a liter of fuel in an internal combustion engine are the emissions the same weight as the weight of the original liter, if not why?
4694How do planets form?
4671My instructor told me that the wavelength of laser light is determined by the distance between the mirrors in the laser device. I say he is not correct, it is the nature of the lasing medium itself as the molecules that make it up emit characteristic wavelenghts when excited. Which of us is correct?
4662Can particle accelerators accurately simulate conditions that occured during the Big Bang?
4662Why do solar cells produce more electricity in low temperatures?
4622Why do scientists say Pluto should not be a planet?
4613If photons have no mass, and you can make an atom laser, instead of an optical one. Would it be possible to attach matter or a small machine to a beem of light and make it travel long distances at light speed?
4607Now that we are all recycling, what are some of the products that are made from recycled materials that we should be buying to complete the cycle?
4603How come a lot of colors make the black found in black markers?
4556Is there an accurate way to measure how much the planet earth weighs? If it's possible how much does the earth weigh ?
4485Why do scuba divers wear rubber?
4450Why is the United States one of the few countries that is not measuring in the Metric system despite being used in cars, soda, and film?
4300How much progress are scientists making in finding an enzyme that will degrade plastic to something environmentally friendly that can be safely reintroduced to the earth around us?
4252What forces make a volcano erupt?
4151How is calcium measured in bone? (without using blood, as this applies to a forensic anthropological question). And, what is the procedure or method of doing so? Is there any special tools, or devices needed?
4129What causes a tsunami?
4116What are a few, most effective, things we can do to protect our body's cells from becoming cancerous?
4046How long ago were fiber optics developed?
4042Is the universe expanding? Why or why not? What theories have been used to prove or disprove this phenomenon?
3855What is heat lightning and how is it possible? Is it different from lightning during a storm? If so, how?
3748Who was the first scientist in the whole entire world. What experiment did he/she do?
3535Why are coral reefs dying?
3495What was the biggest shark that scientsts found in the ocean?
3397What is nanotechnology?
528Why is type O blood the most abundant type when it is recessive?