CCMR Institute for Chemistry Teachers

CICT Program:

Not scheduled for 2013.

Designed specifically for high school chemistry teachers, the CCMR Institute for Chemistry Teachers (CICT) is a unique opportunity for professional development. The Institute currently offers a one-week course CHEM 5010: Contemporary Chemistry for Teachers, for graduate credit. Participants meet 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Through lectures by Cornell faculty, hands-on laboratory activities and research facility tours, teachers gain a deeper understanding of the topics they teach and learn about current research in the field of chemistry. Major components of the course are hands-on laboratories, several of which are tailored to address the NYS Chemistry Core Curriculum and meet the budgetary constraints of a typical high school.

CHEM 5010: Contemporary Chemistry for Teachers (1 credit). This intensive one-week lecture and laboratory course is intended for high school chemistry teachers. Lectures are given by various Cornell faculty on topics such as equilibrium, organic chemistry, polymers, thermochemistry, electrochemistry and fuel cells. Corresponding laboratory activities will also be presented. Previous hands-on activities have included organic synthetic methods/reactions, polymer synthesis, observing equilibria change, building a battery, acid-base indicators, building a fuel cell and creating nanoparticles. Activities will be tied to the NYS Chemistry Core Curriculum where possible.

Prerequisites: Participants must teach at least one high school chemistry course, or give workshops for chemistry teachers on an on-going basis. New York State teachers preferred.

All accepted teachers will be awarded tuition, fees, and either housing or local travel expenses if necessary. Participants will also receive laboratory materials to assist them in replicating the activities in their classrooms. CICT is cosponsored by CCMR, the Cornell University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and the Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.