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Facilities News

Two new Denton Desk V sputter coaters are now available for SEM imaging:

Earlier this year, due to increasing demand, the Clark Materials Facility acquired our second Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System.  Similar to our original PPMS, this system is capa

The CCMR Bard Materials Facility now offers dip coating from solutions with the option of monolayer control.

The Raman Microscope in the CCMR Bard Materials Facility now can make spatial maps of Raman spectra in three dimensions.  The  Volume Mapping feature for the WiRe 4.1 software from Renishaw provide


The Tescan Mira in Bard Hall now has a Bruker Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) for small probe elemental analysis.

Bruker Hyperion FTIR

The Bruker Hyperion FTIR microscope in the Bard Materials Facility has recently been updated with automated focus capability.

The Duffield 231 Prep Lab is happy to announce the acquisition of two Lumenera Infinity 2.0 MegaPixel CCD cameras for their DIC/Polarized and Olympus Darkfield light microscopes.

A new TA Instruments DHR3 single head rotational rheometer will be installed in the Bard Materials Facility in January 2014.  This diverse system has the ability to measure rotational and frequency