The Shared Facilities of the Cornell Center for Materials Research offers world-class materials analysis and processing equipment overseen by expert facility managers. Our staff provides expert consultation and advice while also training the next generation of materials researchers from Cornell and beyond. The CCMR Shared Facilities operates a wide range of instruments for:

  • Electron & optical microscopy
  • Spectroscopy & electronic measurements
  • Surface analysis & characterization
  • Soft matter/polymer analysis
  • X-ray & diffraction analysis
  • Thin film deposition & materials processing
  • Mechanical properties, testing & analysis

Detailed information about the equipment capabilities and training requirements, including location and contact information is provided through the navigation tree on the left or can be found easily using the Search field on this page. Prospective users are encouraged to contact any of our facility managers who will be happy to help you select the appropriate resources and methods for your project. Initial consultations are free, so a discussion with one of the CCMR facility managers can help you get started quickly. All users of the Shared Facilities, both internal and external, are charged on a fee-for-use basis in accordance with Cornell and national regulations as detailed in the Policies and Procedures