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FOM (Facility Online Manager) is CCMR’s new facilities management system.

Location: FOM is located at https://fom.ccmr.cornell.edu.

Registration: The targeted date for cutting over from Coral to FOM is December 1, 2019.

Existing Coral users must register themselves in FOM. Registration instructions can be found here.

New CCMR users must follow the current process to request a Coral account. CCMR Staff will work with you to also create your FOM account as part of the registration process.

Account Suffixes: Accounts will have suffixes based on your affiliation with Cornell University.

  • Main campus users and sponsored NetIDs will have a suffix @CIT.CORNELL.EDU
  • Weill Cornell Medical College users will have a suffix @CWID.CORNELL.EDU
  • Guest IDs will have an ID that looks like gid-[ID]@CORNELL.EDU

Account Updates: FOM is a self-service system. Users can update their accounts by visiting their “My Accounts” page in FOM. Account updates will be in effect once the change is confirmed by the CCMR Finance team.

Instrument Access: Users can request instrument access by following the instructions here.

Reservations: Instrument reservations in FOM can be made by clicking on the start time of the reservation in the instrument calendar, unlike Coral in which a user has to drag and select the time window for the reservation. Once you click on the start time, you get a pop-up to complete your reservation; that pop-up includes a dropdown to select the end time for your reservation in FOM.

Logon/Logoff: Instrument enable/disable is called logon/logoff in FOM. You can logon to an instrument by clicking on your reservation in the equipment schedule. If you don’t have a reservation, and the instrument is available, you may be able to perform an express logon.


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