CCMR Coral Information

CCMR Coral Information

Coral is a Java client that enables reservations and billing of CCMR equipment use. If you are a user of the CCMR facilities, or are having samples run for you, you will need to create a Coral account. (note: the CNF Coral system independent of the CCMR Coral system)

1) To register for a Coral account please Request a CCMR User Account. Some safety training information must be verified before account approval (see It will take at most 2 business days to set up the Coral account once all information is verified as completed.

2) Once you have a Coral account set up, you can log into the CCMR Coral client. Click here to download the Coral Java client.

3) Users are responsible for notifying the Coral Admin of any accounting changes. See

If you have trouble using or downloading Coral, see the troubleshooting section below.

Using CCMR Coral and CCMR instrumentation

  • Users are not to share Coral accounts or passwords. Any instrument user must be enabled in Coral as themselves.
  • Bypassing safety issues or Coral interlocks with the intent of not logging usage is a violation and may result in removal of facility privileges.
  • To use a particular instrument, a user is required to have been trained by facility staff unless specifically posted otherwise.
  • Users are not to move or disturb the work of other researchers unless given permission by facility staff or the researcher. Notify facility staff about unattended samples.
  • Users are expected to remove all samples and to leave the work area in as clean or cleaner condition compared to when they arrived.

Logging in to Coral (note: CNF at Cornell has a similar, but separate Coral system)
Cornell users will login to CCMR Coral using their Cornell netid and password. External users will login using a special guest ID that will be created for them.

logging in image

Making an Instrument Reservation (note: having a reservation on an instrument is NOT the same as being enabled on the instrument)

  • Select instrument in left panel
  • Select date and time in Reservations tab in right panel. Note that time is listed in 24-hour format!
  • In top menu select Reservation Actions and click Make

Making a reservation image

Using/Enabling an Instrument
When you begin using an instrument, record your time by enabling the instrument in Coral:

  • Highlight the instrument in the left panel
  • In the top menu select Equipment Actions and click Enable
  • When finished using the instrument, select Equipment Actions and click Disable
For this you can use the computer designated for Coral use in the facility you are working in. Alternatively you can use any networked computer with the Coral java client

user instructions image usage image

User and PI Accounting Report System
To run a report of your current month's charges, click the link above and login using your Cornell netid and password (Cornell users) or Coral id and password (Non-Cornell users).

Select My Accounting for your own usage charges. Select PI Accounting or PI Accounting Detail to see all charges to your accounts (PI's and departments)

To view a report for a different month, enter the first day of the month in From Date and the first day of the following month in To Date.

To modify the sort order, click Change sort order in the left side menu and enter the column(s) you wish to sort on in the Define your own sort order: area.

Details and Troubleshooting

Trouble downloading Coral
If your browser prompts you to Open with Java(TM) Web Start Launcher then you have Sun JRE installed and can proceed with the download. If not then you will need to download Sun JRE first. After Coral is downloaded it will show a couple of security warnings (click Run) and then a Login box. If you do not get the login box, see the Unable to make secure connection section below.

Download Sun JRE
Before downloading Coral, you need to have first installed a recent version of the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE). If your machine doesn't already have Java, you can get it from the Free Java Download link at Sun's Java website. Coral runs as a Java Web Start application. Java Web Start is part of the JRE installation.

Unable to make secure connection
If Coral fails to start with the message: Unable to make secure connection, then you most likely have Java version 1.6.0_14 installed, which does not work properly with Coral. You can check what version of Java you have by checking Sun's Do I have Java? page. If you have 1.6.0_14 then you will need to upgrade to a newer version.

Using Coral from behind a firewall
If you are behind a very restrictive firewall you may have trouble connecting to the Coral server. If this is the case, you will need to ask your firewall administrator to open ports 50000 through 50014 for you.