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CCMR announces the Fall 2015 JumpStart Funded Companies!


The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to facilitate active collaboration between the CCMR and industry, foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its applications, and promote economic development. Our  PARTNERS include large and small businesses from NY State and beyond. To help you identify the most appropriate academic partner, faculty members have been grouped under RESEARCH TOPICS.

SUCCESS STORIES  illustrate how we help businesses solve technical roadblocks, develop prototypes  and innovative products, improve manufacturing processes, explore new markets, develop new and or sustainable materials, characterize/ Image materials, conduct QA/QC  and validate their technologies.

Contact our office with questions about the program and for help identifying suitable faculty for collaboration, consultation, and contract research.


“We CCMR Jumpstart program has helped us to build the prototype using Cornell's richful material research resources, in addition to understand some fundamental questions in Lionano's material property. We are very greatful for the input and help from the CCMR team and look forward to more opportunities working with them.”

Dr. Yingchao Yu, CEO, Lionano, Boston MA

" Rapid Cure Technologies’ (RCT) participation in the CCMR program and direct work with Prof. Giannelis and his team was a productive, worthwhile experience. Financial support from multiple sources, coupled with Cornell’s extensive R&D centers, provided ample resources to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing the NIMs technology as a “primer” for UV curable coatings on LSE plastics. All of us at RCT look forward to the opportunity to continue our work with Prof. Giannelis and the CCMR to optimize the NIMs technology for use with environmentally friendly UV curable chemistries.”

Dan Montoney, CTO, Rapid Cure Technologies, Syracuse


“Having participated in two JumpStart activities over the past 5-years, I find the program highly useful to small companies that have limited resources available for investigating novel materials and processing approaches. The recent experience with Prof. Chris Ober’s group was rewarding and provided useful insights on how we can adopt the teachings to our product development needs.”

Robert Miller, CTO

Paper Battery Company, Troy

“At such an early stage, the matching funds from the state of New York were critical. And the personal access to world-renowned expertise at Cornell University in our field of interest was and will continue to be very valuable to us as we further develop our technology. As a result of this partnership, we were able to design prototypes of our blood coagulation measurement device and take data on canine blood samples supplied by the University, helping us further demonstrate its effectiveness.”

Norimasa Yoshimizu, CEO, NanoMason, Ithaca 


“The JumpStart program made it possible for American Aerogel Corporation (AAC) to integrate and test its carbon aerogel material as a cathode support structure in lithium sulfur rechargeable batteries.   The program gave access to faculty research experts whose input was instrumental to the initial development and characterization of AAC’s technology.  This collaborative work, and the resulting feedback, provides AAC with a strong position to pursue next phase business and funding opportunities that will enable its technology to be brought to market. “

Todd Norldblom, Grant Manager, American Aerogel, Rochester

“The Jumpstart program has provided a valuable yet low cost way to collaborate with the state of the art Cornell materials program in developing novel new medical Therapeutics.  Student collaboration has brought fresh insight while also providing valuable learning experiences.  We were very excited to have had the opportunity to participate in the program and are looking forward to continuing our work with faculty collaborators Drs. Frey and Ashdown in the future.”

Bryant Guffey, CEO Zetroz, Ithaca

 “I would like to communicate how valuable this collaboration has been to the advancement and commercialization of our technology.  Working with Professor David Muller and Dr. Lena Kourkoutis, Professor Hailstone of our group was able to better characterize the compositional distribution of dopant elements in our go-to-market , 2.5 nm nano-particle combustion catalyst using the advanced electron microscopy facility at CCMR. Given this incredibly small particle size, this work could only have been conducted at the Cornell facility. With the knowledge gained form this analysis, we were able to substantially improve not only the manufacturability of our catalysts but also their performance. Again, Cerion Enterprises, LLC is delighted with the results of this collaboration and will continue the investigative work on other nano-particle compositions with Cornell.”

Dr. Kenneth J. Reed, CTO, Cerion Enterprises, Rochester

“Through our collaboration with CCMR and Professor Hover's students, Taylor Concrete was able to find a workable solution, in an accelerated time frame, that we would not have been able to achieve on our own. Professor Hover's expertise in concrete chemistry and the students' out of the box solutions in creating practical simulations of our manufacturing processes in their lab saved valuable time and resources. Without the Jumpstart program award which enabled us to benefit from the technical expertise of Professor Hover and his students, Taylor Concrete would not have been able to complete the project as efficiently."

Richard O'Connor, C3M, CDT Vice President, Taylor Concrete Products, Inc., Watertown

"I also want to express my gratitude to Michele van de Walle for starting the process by connecting Bill Schaff and myself and bringing all the players together.  If it wasn't for Michele's persistence working to find the proper match for my needs, we never would have gotten off the ground. I've enjoyed working with the CCMR because they have their priorities straight, make things, good thing happen by bringing people, ideas, technologies together with minimal bureaucracy and paper work.”

Kevin McGuire, President, Tailored Lighting Inc., Rochester

"The CCMR JumpStart program enabled ELIA Life Technology to collaborate with Cornell University Professor Hod Lipson.  Through the project, we were able to lay the ground work for the development of a potentially invaluable tactile printer for the blind.  The work we conducted with Professor Lipson has enabled us to apply for Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I (and eventually Phase II grants) and to present our research findings to the Solid  Freeform Fabrication Symposium in August 2008. None of the above advances or research opportunities would have been possible without Cornell University’s, ELIA Life Technology’s and New York State’s collaboration in and support of the Jumpstart program.”

Andrew Chepaitis, President, Elia Life Technology, New York

“I think the key thing that the CCMR staff does is to help in  navigating Cornell, starting with a first introduction.   In terms of laboratory facilities, once you start to work with CCMR, the network expands very easily and very quickly.  So you really get all you need pretty efficiently, people that might be able to take what I'm doing, help me expand it, grow it, extend it into different areas.  A CCMR partnership helps bring value early on, accelerating your growth. We have leveraged $5000 worth of JumpStart matching support into $200,000 worth of federal money in the course of about six months, and we are now looking to leverage that into about a million dollars of funding for next year.” 

 Les Fritzemeier, President, Wakonda Technologies, Rochester 

“The independent testing of Mesha’s Hybrid Ultracapacitor (HUC) by Cornell confirmed the device characteristics and was an important step in the process toward commercialization. To have a program like Jumpstart available to a small company like Mesha, which allows us to collaborate with an organization offering the resources available at Cornell is something that I feel is important to not only Mesha, but other companies like Mesha who are attempting to bring new technologies into the marketplace.” 

Thomas Pleban, President, Williamsville, New York

“Before we started the project, we were manufacturing between 2,500- 3,000 cookies per day.  In large part due to the frosting drying times, we are now manufacturing 25,000 cookies per day.  A large part of that is manufacturing 300 pallets of cookies for Costco for Christmas (which would have been 600 pallets if we had the capacity).  This would not have been possible without the decreased drying times. I greatly enjoyed working with you and would choose to do so again if the opportunity presented itself.” 

Michael Ricci, Quality Director, The Decorated Cookie Co. Syracuse, NY

“We have developed a patented technology for a noninvasive test for dairy cow insemination. Our technology hinges on pigments extracted from flowers that change color if the timing for insemination is ideal. We have shown the technology is broadly applicable, it works on all mammals. Though $5,000 in matching funds from the JumpStart program may seem insignificant, the award connected us to some major players in helping us engineer our product. We work on a dime and we are making big changes with almost no capital input.” 

Dorothee Goldman, CTO, Oratel Diagnostics, Rochester

"This project and the resulting device allows us to move forward to not only base line our exiting material, but test new materials in search of improvements to comfort and performance. This will allow us to make substantial improvements to our existing cuff material, which will result in increased differentiation with legacy products and ultimately increased sales."

Greg Post, SensGard LLC., Fairport, NY


"We have found our participation in the CCMR program and its leveraging of resources, knowledge and time of commitment to be of considerable value and I would not hesitate to recommend its support in benefit and service to the larger economic community."

Harrick Plasma, Ithaca NY

"As part of the CCMR JumpStart program we were able to work with fiber scientists in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design to improve the performance of a new product we are developing for the aviation maintenance industry. This was a fantastic experience made possible by the CCMR, not only we were able to work collaboratively to meet the goals of our project but we laid the groundwork for future collaborations which have already begun through a successful grant application to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) with our Cornell partners."

Gail Hickman, Innovative Dynamics Inc., Ithaca NY

"Haledyne, as an early stage start-up company, would not normally have access to the type of talent and resources supplied by this program Haledyne will undoubtedly reapply for future awards with the same program."

Bill StuartCOO, Haledyne


Our Mission:
The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to facilitate active collaboration between the CCMR and industry, to foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its applications, and promote economic development.