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Advances in Photonics and Quantum Optics

2018 CCMR Symposium – May 23, 2018


Sproull Lecturer:
Prof. Mikhail Lukin,
Physics, Harvard University
 Prof. Roberto Morandotti
Energy Materials Telecommunications
National Institute of Scientific Research,
Dr. Aleksandra Boskovic,
Optics, Surfaces & Integration
Technologies Director,
Corning Incorporated
Dr. Michael Liehr,
CEO AIM Photonics
Prof. Nicole Benedek
Materials Science and Engineering
Cornell University
Dr. David Weiss
Advanced Research Director
Molecular Glasses, Inc.

Prof. Nick Vamivakas
University of Rochester
Dr. Gary Greenburg
Program Officer
Gordon and Betty Moore


2018 Organizing Committee:


Prof. Gregory Fuchs, Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University

Prof. Gennady Shvets, Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University


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