Industrial Partnerships Program

Upcoming Events

2015 CCMR Symposium - Frontiers in Polymer Synthesis
May 19, 2015
Cornell Campus, Ithaca, NY.

Facilities 101
April 9, 2015
Cornell Campus, Ithaca, NY.

Rev Networking Kickoff of 2015
January 22, 2015
Rev, Ithaca, NY.

Recent Events

Metglas First Ryusuke Hasegawa Graduate Fellowship October 20, 2014 - 701 Clark, 12 to 1:30 PM, Cornell Campus, Ithaca NY. Join us to learn more!

Cornell Food Systems Summit
December 8, 2014
Cornell Campus, Ithaca, NY

Funding Opportunities


   2015 CCMR SYMPOSIUM, May 19, 2015:  Agenda and registration HERE! 

   CCMR announces the Spring 2015 JumpStart Awards 

   Open house at Incodema3D, a CCMR partner!  

The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to facilitate active collaboration between the CCMR and industry, foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its applications, and promote economic development. Beneficial collaborations between industry representatives and the extensive materials expertise developed by over 110 CCMR faculty members from 12 different departments are cultivated through a variety of activities, including: joint research projects, problem-solving semester-long projects with matching funds from NYSTAR, symposia, and workshops. Some of these programs are specifically designed to support NY State startups and small businesses. Our PARTNERS include large and small businesses from NY State and beyond.
To help you identify the most appropriate academic partner, faculty members have been grouped under RESEARCH THEMES.

Contact our office with questions about the program and for help identifying suitable faculty for collaboration, consultation, and contract research.

SUCCESS STORIES  illustrate how we help businesses

  • Solve Technical Roadblocks
  • Develop Prototypes
  • Develop Innovative Products
  • Improve Manufacturing Processes
  • Explore New Markets
  • Develop New Materials
  • Develop Sustainable materials
  • Characterize/ Image Materials
      • Conduct QA/QC
      • Validate Technologies


      Facilitate R&D

      Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP)
      The ICP program provides industry with a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to start bench-to-bench collaborations with Cornell faculty members

      Support NY State
      Small Businesses

      JumpStart Program
      The JumpStart program is designed to help small NYS businesses solve concrete problems related to materials through collaborations with Cornell experts.

      For Startups and

      The CCMR provides assistance tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and startups via targeted workshops.

      Introduction to
      CCMR Facilities

      Facilities 101 Workshop
      An in-depth introduction to the CCMR Shared Facilities.

      StartUp Facilities
      Up to $500 of funding to companies NEW to the CCMR for their FIRST usage of the Facilities.

      “The independent testing of Mesha’s Hybrid Ultracapacitor (HUC) by Cornell confirmed the device characteristics and was an important step in the process toward commercialization. To have a program like Jumpstart available to a small company like Mesha, which allows us to collaborate with an organization offering the resources available at Cornell is something that I feel is important to not only Mesha, but other companies like Mesha who are attempting to bring new technologies into the marketplace.”  Thomas Pleban, President, Williamsville, New York

      “Before we started the project, we were manufacturing between 2,500- 3,000 cookies per day.  In large part due to the frosting drying times, we are now manufacturing 25,000 cookies per day.  A large part of that is manufacturing 300 pallets of cookies for Costco for Christmas (which would have been 600 pallets if we had the capacity).  This would not have been possible without the decreased drying times. I greatly enjoyed working with you and would choose to do so again if the opportunity presented itself.”  Michael Ricci, Quality Director, The Decorated Cookie Co. Syracuse, NY

      “We have developed a patented technology for a noninvasive test for dairy cow insemination. Our technology hinges on pigments extracted from flowers that change color if the timing for insemination is ideal. We have shown the technology is broadly applicable, it works on all mammals. Though $5,000 in matching funds from the JumpStart program may seem insignificant, the award connected us to some major players in helping us engineer our product. We work on a dime and we are making big changes with almost no capital input.”  Dorothee Goldman, CTO, Oratel Diagnostics, Rochester

      "This project and the resulting device allows us to move forward to not only base line our exiting material, but test new materials in search of improvements to comfort and performance. This will allow us to make substantial improvements to our existing cuff material, which will result in increased differentiation with legacy products and ultimately increased sales."
      Greg Post, SensGard LLC., Fairport, NY

      "We have found our participation in the CCMR program and its leveraging of resources, knowledge and time of commitment to be of considerable value and I would not hesitate to recommend its support in benefit and service to the larger economic community."
      Harrick Plasma, Ithaca NY

      "As part of the CCMR JumpStart program we were able to work with fiber scientists in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design to improve the performance of a new product we are developing for the aviation maintenance industry. This was a fantastic experience made possible by the CCMR, not only we were able to work collaboratively to meet the goals of our project but we laid the groundwork for future collaborations which have already begun through a successful grant application to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) with our Cornell partners."
      Gail Hickman, Innovative Dynamics Inc., Ithaca NY

      "Haledyne, as an early stage start-up company, would not normally have access to the type of talent and resources supplied by this program Haledyne will undoubtedly reapply for future awards with the same program."
      Bill Stuart
      COO, Haledyne

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      Our Mission:
      The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to facilitate active collaboration between the CCMR and industry, to foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its applications, and promote economic development.