Cornell faculty members are making fundamental contributions to the discovery and development of new materials for energy production, storage and conversion. Current topics of interest include organic solar cells, photoelectrochemical cells, electrocatalysis, microfluidic fuel cells, semiconductor nanocrystals and thermoelectrics.

Energy Faculty

  • Héctor Abruña
  • Lynden Archer
  • Tomas Arias
  • Joel Brock
  • Geoff Coates
  • William Dichtel
  • Frank DiSalvo
  • James Engstrom
  • Craig Fennie
  • Emmanuel Giannelis
  • Tobias Hanrath
  • Richard Hennig
  • John Marohn
  • David Muller
  • Richard Robinson
  • Darrell Schlom
  • Michael Spencer
  • Bruce van Dover
  • Ulrich Wiesner