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Mick Thomas Receives the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service

CCMR Staff :: Nov 18, 2003
Mick Thomas Receives the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service

ITHACA, NY (CCMR Staff) -- On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, with delighted faculty, students, staff, family and friends looking on, CCMR facility manager Malcolm "Mick" Thomas received the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service. The award was presented by George Peter himself. Vice President of Human Relations Mary George Opperman spoke to the assembled group about Mick's dedication to his job and to his family. Prof. John Silcox, Professor in Applied and Engineering Physics, praised Mick's 17 years of service as a Center facility manager and acknowledged Mick's key role in the facility and the research it enables. Patricia Haugen, Vice-Chair of Employee Assembly, served as master of ceremonies.

The George Peter Award for Dedicated Service, formerly known as the Dedicated Service Award, is awarded to Cornell staff members who consistently demonstrate a high degree of excellence in the performance of their duties and who prove their willingness to extend themselves to help others and go above and beyond the normal expectations of their job responsibilities. It is the highest award that the University presents to staff.

The Center worked with Mick's wife Linda and his three daughters Renee, Kristen and Tricia to organize the surprise ceremony. The family arranged for Mick's parents, Malcolm and Joanne, to fly in from Portland, Oregon. Lynda Keister, CCMR's administrative manager, was assisted by the CCMR administrative staff (Natalie Broadwater, Nichole Lovejoy, and Melinda Stelick) in orchestrating this enjoyable luncheon event. Those attending were delighted to observe that Mick was completely taken by surprise.

Mick was presented with a variety of gift certificates from members of the Employee Assembly, Cornell Recreation Connection, the Paw–Print, and Human Resources including Donna Goss, Chair of Employee Assembly; Michael Esposito, Employee–elected trustee representative, and Dennis Stein, Paw–Print editor.

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