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New way to make thin films in the Bard Materials Facility (Feb 2013)

Pulsed Laser Deposition system: PLD is a deposition technique that uses energy from a Fluorine excimer laser to release material from a target and deposit it on a substrate..... Read More

Electronic Equipment Lending- a high-tech library (Jan 2013)

The Clark Materials Facility will administer over $900k in electronic equipment previously in the Center for Nanoscale Systems. There is a wide range of portable electronics available...... Read More

Asylum MFP3D-not all scanned probe microscopes are created equal (Nov 2012)

The Clark Materials Facility is pleased to announce the arrival of the Asylum MFP3D scanned probe microscope, installed in Clark D15. The MFP3D max sample size and scan area are similar..... Read More

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