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Bard Hall access policies

In order to allow greater flexibility in scheduling users in CCMR Bard Hall facilities, while still allowing fair usages of instruments, our new reservation policy as of July 13, 2020 is as follows:

1. Prior to using an instrument for the first time after campus reactivation, each researcher must read the policies at https://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/facilities/ and fill out the google form for requesting initial access.

2. CCMR staff will sanitize laboratory spaces regularly, but not between every user. It is your responsibility to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to spray the keyboard, mouse, desktop and chair with a 70% alcohol spray bottled provided in the lab. Allow this to evaporate before interacting with those surfaces.

3. After receiving approval to use an instrument, a user may make their own reservations, subject to the restrictions listed below.

4. Reservations are limited to 1 person per area. For most cases an area is the same as an instrument with the cases listed below. B56-North, B56-South, SB30 and SB56 each have their own room schedule which is linked to from the instrument schedule page. You do not need to manually reserve a room, but you do need to manually check the schedule for that room to make sure your instrument reservation gives an appropriate buffer between users, as described below.

  • B56 North is defined as the TA-Instruments Rheometer, Cary UV-Vis-IR spectrometer, and the Edinburgh Fluorescent spectrometer.
  • B56 South is defined as the Bruker Vertex FTIR, Bruker Hyperion FTIR, and TA-Instruments DMA and TMA.
  • SB56 is defined as the Bruker powder diffractometer and Bruker GADDS x-ray diffraction instruments. It does not include the Rigaku SmartLab and Mira SEM, which are in rooms with separate doors and can be scheduled independently.
  • SB30 is defined as the WITec Raman and the Renishaw Raman.
  • B55 has furnaces which are typically used for long periods but with researchers only present at the beginning and end of experiments. Reservations in this room may overlap, but each user must confirm that the room is unoccupied before entering to start, stop, or monitor an experiment.

5. Reservations must be made with time buffer between users to allow sufficient air exchange. Users in B55, B56 and SB56 should wait at least 15 minutes after the previous user leaves the room before entering. Please allow for 5 minutes to disinfect surfaces when you arrive for your experiment. SB30, with the Raman microscopes, has a lower air flow. Users should wait 1 hour between occupants.

6. It is important that users take the time to consider room occupancy in advance and to plan their arrival. We will not be permitting express logons or allowing reservations to be made less than 15 minutes in advance for most instruments, 1 hour in advance for the Raman microscopes.

7. Because a single reservation often impacts more than one instrument, and always affects more than the time of the reservation (due to the required buffer), we will be charging 25% of the scheduled instrument time for no-shows and for reservations cancelled fewer than 4 hours in advance.

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