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Polymer stabilized biocatalysts

Professor: Julie M. Goddard

Project Description:  Enzymes offer unique advantages over traditional catalysts in their unique specificity in chemical transformations.  Yet, their performance in conditions typical of industrial processing is limited by their poor stability in such extreme environments.  The goal of this work is to improve enzyme performance against denaturation by extreme pH values and high temperatures by tailoring the chemistry of polymers used to stabilize them.  Applications of this research will target challenges such as environmental remediation, reutilization of waste streams, and enhancing sensitivity of diagnostic devices.  The student working on this project must have successfully completed organic chemistry lab, and ideally taken coursework in biochemistry, polymer science, or biomaterials.  Prior independent laboratory research experience would strengthen the application.  Students should be pursuing degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, materials/polymer science/engineering, chemical engineering, or food/agricultural science.

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