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Design and Synthesis of a Facility for New Artificial Quantum Materials

Professor: Kyle Shen

Kyle ShenProject Description
: This REU research project uses high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy to study quantum states of matter, such as unconventional superconductors in artificially designed quantum materials. From a broader perspective, the theme of this research is to understand how quantum interactions between electrons can give rise to novel, unexpected, and potentially useful electronic states of matter. Students will be involved in developing instrumentation and writing software to aid in the study of the quantum materials being synthesized and studied in our lab by molecular beam epitaxy. In particular, we are developing a next-generation angle-resolved photoemission and molecular beam epitaxy growth system which the REU students will play a key role in designing and building. Candidates should have a strong background in physics as well as an interest in condensed matter physics, as well as hands-on skills such as LabView, programming experience, or CAD design.

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