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New Physics in Moiré Superlattices

Professor: Debanjan Chowdhury

Project Description:  The recent discovery of superconductivity in twisted ‘magic-angle’ graphene has sparked a great deal of experimental and theoretical activity. This has been followed by reports of superconductivity in other van der Waals materials based Moiré superlattices. Our group is using theoretical tools to develop a universal understanding of what causes superconductivity and other related phenomena in these fascinating two-dimensional materials.  One commonality across these platforms is that the electronic structure becomes nearly “flat” such that the electrons are almost “jammed” like cars moving along a highway. The slowly moving electrons interact with each other much more strongly, which appears to be at the heart of these new discoveries. A number of theoretical projects are available on this topic that will study the interplay of the reduced electronic kinetic energy, strong electron-electron interactions and the intrinsic ‘topological’ properties associated with the motion of electrons in these Moiré superlattices.


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