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Facility Online Manager (FOM) Registration

FOM Registration

CCMR uses a facilities management system called FOM (Facilities Online Manager).

Instruments can be reserved, enabled, and disabled using your FOM account.

You can learn more by visiting our FOM FAQs page.

A user can register his or her FOM account as follows:

    1. Visit https://fom.ccmr.cornell.edu
    2. Login with your NetID, Guest ID, or Weill Cornell ID by selecting the appropriate option in the dropdown. (Note to external users: before you are assigned a Guest ID, you should fill out the external user account form.)


    3. Click on the link that says “Click here to login with NetID, Guest ID, or CWID”.


    1. Select “Internal User” for Guest ID or Weill Cornell ID, “External User” for Guest ID.
    2. Populate the remaining fields, and hit ‘Submit’.
      => If you are an Internal user, and your department and/or supervisor are not listed, please fill out the appropriate field. Once they are added, you can resume your registration.
    3. If you are an Internal User, you will be taken to this page. Follow the link to add a new account number.

      1. After following the above link, you can enter your account number and submit it. You will get a confirmation and at that point, you will need to follow up with the Facility Manager for training.
      2. You can also add additional accounts and set your default account.

    4. If you are an External User, you are done. Please await instructions from the System Administrator to confirm your registration.


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