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Poster Session

Poster/presentation session: Virtual – from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM. https://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/industry/ccmr-symposium/poster-session/

Each lab/faculty group will be responsible for creating their Zoom room(s), using detailed instructions that will be sent out to you.

Each lab/PI/faculty will provide a name/research theme for their zoom rooms. Up to 4 students will be in each room. Each Zoom room will use the name selected by their respective PI.

The CCMR will also send a room number and a powerpoint template to the student presenting posters.

Symposium attendees from off-campus will drop into the zoom rooms during the 60 minutes of the poster session.

 For Faculty members:

  • Provide a Theme/name for your lab/zoom room(s).
  • Send me the names and email address of the students presenting posters by May 25, 2021.
  • Ask them to register .
  • The presenters will receive a powerpoint template as soon as CCMR (Michele van de Walle) receives your list of students.

For the Students:

  • Coordinate with your thesis advisor, as each lab will have one or more separate Zoom rooms depending on their number of poster presenters.
  • Register at https://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/industry/ccmr-symposium/registration/ccmr-symposium-registration-form/
  • You will be contacted and receive a powerpoint template as soon your faculty/PI sends its list of presenters.
  • Each lab/group will be responsible for creating their Zoom room(s), using detailed instructions that will be sent out to you.
  • Each Zoom room will receive a name provided by the PI and a number provided by CCMR.
  • You will stay there for the whole 60 minutes during which time you may talk with symposium attendees dropping in.
  • Prepare as a lab/group, a 3-4 minute Powerpoint presentation.  Presentations must be practiced for time. One person should share their screen so you don’t take time switching.
  • We are hoping for conversation and informal discussion, so keep the presentation part short but informative. If there are 3-4 of you, think <1 minute elevator pitches describing your work. If there are only 2 of you, you may have a little more time to describe your work.
  • Everybody will receive the rooms’ links  and the poster/presentations list when complete.
  • The 3 best presentations will be selected by the industry attendees and receive prizes.
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