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Access to CCMR Analytical Capabilities – Explore Program

CCMR can assist your group by affording the use of shared tools and of  expert materials research assistance to solve complex problems.

The CCMR Shared Facilities offers world-class materials analysis and processing equipment overseen by expert instrument managers. These nine subject-matters experts in materials characterization train users, maintain instruments, and provide consultation. They have helped companies large and small from NY State and beyond, develop new technologies and new processes from imaging fuel cell catalysts, to analysis of iconic paintings such as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and defects in new PVD coating processes.


  • The Facilities 101 Workshop is held every April. It is an industry-focused introduction to the materials experts training and assisting industry users, and managing and maintaining the CCMR instruments.


  • Explore provides funding to NYS businesses for first usage of the Facilities.


For the list of the CCMR Facilities instruments, policies and rates click

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