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Material Characterization


A Kodak technology startup developing cerium-based nano-materials used the CCMR to fine-tune its process for producing catalysts used in diesel fuel additives, and to train its employees in advanced electron microscopy techniques and analysis. Employees, including a staff scientist, at the Rochester-based company, worked with an applied physics professor and an electron microscopy expert from Cornell to image, analyze and better understand the structure and composition of its materials. The level of detailed information the company learned about its very tiny particles during the training guided the refinement of its process techniques, allowing the company to produce a more efficient catalyst material—one that increases the efficiency of off-road engines by more than six percent.


A NY State manufacturer of shampoo bottles for the hospitality industry experienced a sudden onset of package failure in field. The tube supplier claimed no change in the packaging material, suggesting that the problem was the result of product filling. The CCMR was asked to look for differences in tube material lots. Initial tests found no significant differences between pre and post failure lots. Extensive testing in a variety of temperature conditions confirmed there was a subtle difference in the material crystallinity. That small difference turned out to be the root cause of the problem. With this information in hand the manufacturer worked with the tube supplier to correct the polymer formulation.

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