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New Markets Exploration


A Rochester-based manufacturer of carbon aerogel-based insulation products for the shipping and packaging industry has improved its product line and is exploring new markets such as energy with the help of the CCMR. By working with a Cornell mechanical and aerospace engineering professor to conduct an in-depth analysis of the physical properties of its aerogel-based insulation, the company has been able to streamline the transport of temperature-sensitive goods by creating smaller packages that cost its customers less. A subsequent partnership with a Cornell chemistry professor allowed the company to investigate whether its carbon-aerogel technology might be suitable for energy storage use in batteries and ultracapacitors. Testing conducted at CCMR facilities have shown promise, enabling the company to receive additional funding and hire new employees.

A Rochester manufacturer of ultrathin membranes has obtained federal grants and secured international distributors in the biomedical and materials science markets after demonstrating the utility of its membranes as high-performance sample supports for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Using CCMR’s imaging facilities, the company was able to validate new applications of its ultrathin membranes, which are used in molecular and nanoparticle separations, with help from a microscopy expert in applied and engineering physics. The team showed the superiority of measurements taken using its membranes. The company used this information to market its membranes as TEM windows and progressed quickly toward full production, marketing, and sales. The company has now distributors in Europe and Asia.

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