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Bruker Hyperion FT-IR Spectrometer & Microscope

Bard Hall B56

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a spectral analysis technique used to identify chemical bonds.  It can be used to investigate existing chemistry, track chemical bonds through a process, or in some cases identify materials. Typical samples can be liquids, solids, powders, or even gasses and sample size can be as small as several µl.

The Hyperion is a high performance infrared microscope with transmission, refelection, Grazing incidence, and Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) acquisition modes.  Spectral acquisition area can range from ~250 µm² to as small as ~10 µm².  Motorized sample stage enables spectral mapping, though signal strengths are reduced as spatial resolution is increased.  Spectral mapping allows investigation of spatially resolved gradients and distribution of chemical species across a surface.  Transmission is the standard mode of acquisition though samples need to be sufficiently thin (<50 µm) to allow good signal to noise.


  • Spectral range is ≈600 – 10,000 cm-¹;
  • Resolution, Better than 0.9 cm-¹;
  • Wave number accuracy, better than 0.019 cm-¹ at 2,000 cm-¹;
  • Measured area, Optimized for diameter of 250 µm, minimum diameter of 20 µm with standard objective;
  • Diameter of ATR Crystal tip 100 µm;
  • Refractive index of ATR Crystal = 4, sample must have a refractive index that is < ATR crystal;
  • Measurements in transmittance mode are suitable for very thin specimens (<50 µm);

Additional capabilities

Low temperature operation
With the use of a cryostat, FTIR spectra can be acquired, in the tensor sample compartment, in transmission, across a wide range of temperatures from 4.2 K to 500 K. Cryostat operation is possible with Liquid Helium but also with Liquid Nitrogen for more convenient and economical testing above 77 K. The cryostat also features an electrical feedthrough with 10 solder studs for electrical connections to a sample or chip. Please contact the facility manager for more information regarding this capability.



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Primary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Bard Hall, Room B-57

Secondary Contact

Kevin Silverstein
(607) 254-3307
Thurston Hall, Room 113
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