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Glass Bead Abrasive unit (sand blasting)

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Blasting parts with Glass bead abrasive media is an effective way of removing material from a surface. The removed material could be contaminants such as dirt, paint, gaskets, rust, or even some of the part’s surface. The resulting surface is uniform in color and finish. Parts are cleaned by hand in a cabinet resembling a large glove box. The cabinet has a door on one side through which parts are removed and replaced. Abrasive media is propelled by compressed air through a nozzle that is held by the operator. The media is returned to the storage reservoir for reuse. A fan constantly moves air through the cabinet so that abrasive media and contaminants can be transported to a cyclone for separation.

Standard Operating Procedure

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Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21

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John Wright
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