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Retired (Micromechanical Analyzer)

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The Micro Mechanical Analyzer (MMA) is a Micro Mechanical test machine developed at Cornell University that consists of X, Y, and Z Piezo positioning elements and a capacitive force sensor all of which are mounted on an inverted microscope.

  • Piezo positioners are used to place the capacitive force sensor and probe the sample.  Piezo elements can operate in closed loop control and can resolve position to approximately 100 nm.  Maximum travel is 500 µm in x and y and 300 µm in Z.
  • Multiple force sensors are available with differing load capacities and directions.  Maximum load capacities vary from 10 000 µN for the Z axis probe and 300 µN for the Y axis probe.  1-10 µN resolution is typical and is dependent on probe type.
  • Force sensors can be purchased for approximately $600.00 and it is possible to attach or glue different ends on for different purposes.  For example a glass bead can be attached for measuring indentation properties.
  • Mechanical properties measured in compression or flex are typical.  No gripping fixtures are available so tensile properties are not possible.
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