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Quantum Design 14T “Blue” PPMS

PPMS2_0Clark D22

The 14 Tesla physical property measurement system is similar to the 9 Tesla PPMS with a few key additions:

  • Maximum 14 Tesla magnetic field
  • Cryopump for measurements in vacuum (10-5 torr)
  • Thermal Transport measurements (thermal conductivity, Seebeck Effect)
  • Cryogen system which can temporarily be mechanically de-coupled from measurement system to minimize vibration
  • Helium-3 refrigerator for cooling to ~400 mK

(This system does not have magnetometry options, so VSM and ACMS measurements must be performed on the DynaCool and 9T “Red” system, respectively.)
In addition to the base system and Quantum Design measurement options, the system is equipped with a custom measurement system designed for improved van der Pauw resistance and Hall Effect measurements.  This consists of Keithley instruments including a current source and voltage meter which can measure over a wider range of resistance, and a switching system for automatically probing in multiple orientations, as well as a LabView program which allows integrated control of the Keithley instruments and the PPMS.

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Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21

Secondary Contact

Darrah Dare
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