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Quantum Design DynaCool PPMS

D21 Clark Hall

The DynaCool system represents Quantum Design’s latest generation of physical property measurement system, featuring a fully cryogen-free cooling system, allowing the following environmental parameters:

  • Temperature range of 1.8 – 400 K
  • Magnetic field range of -9 to 9 T
  • Vacuum (~10-5 torr) operation available

The system is equipped with the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) measurement option for DC moment measurement, with built-in software modules for measuring M vs. H and M vs. T curves.  Measurements can be performed on film, powder, or small bulk samples.  Both standard and large-bore measurement coil sets are available depending on sample size.  Standard precision is ~1×10-6 emu for standard bore, and can be improved by increasing the measurement integration time.

DynaCool PPMS Standard Operating Procedure

Quantum Design DynaCool product page

VSM brochure

PPMS scheduling policies


Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21
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