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Quantum Design MPMS3 SQUID Magnetometer

Clark D19

Providing users with the sensitivity of a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device magnetometer and the choice of multiple measurement modes (traditional DC Scan, SQUID-VSM and AC Susceptibility), the Quantum Design MPMS 3 incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic field control with ≤10-8 emu sensitivity.

  • SQUID Sensitivity
  • 7 Tesla Magnet
  • Maximum ramp rate: 700 Oe/sec
  • Temperature Range: 1.8 – 400 K
    • 300-1000 K with oven option
    • 0.42-1.8 K with low temperature He3 option
  • 300 to 1.8 K in <25 min.
  • DC, VSM, and AC Susceptibility measurement modes
  • Ultra Low Field option
  • Electrical Transport and Horizontal Rotator options
  • Software controls for the temperature and magnetic field readily enable the automation of complex data acquisition procedures
  • Cryogen Free with EverCool®
  • More information from Quantum Design

Sample Requirements and Preparation

For rates information, please see the rates page.

Primary Contact

Darrah Dare

Secondary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21
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