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Tescan Mira3 FESEM

Bard Hall SB56
Imaging at very high resolution (1 nm at 30 keV and 2 nm at 1 keV) is possible with certain types of specimens. Its superb performance, particularly at low accelerating voltages (i.e., 0.2 to 1 kV using Beam Deceleration Mode), makes it especially suitable for imaging the surface detail of polymeric, biological, and other low-density materials. In-lens (In-Beam Mode) secondary and back-scattered electron detectors enable a very short working distances. Standard chamber secondary and back-scattered electron detectors are also available for larger working distances, and thus, larger fields of view.


Au on Carbon block, 200V in Beam Deceleration Mode

Tescan Mira 3

Tescan Manual

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