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Tescan Mira3 FESEM

Bard Hall SB56
Imaging at very high resolution (1 nm at 30 keV and 2 nm at 1 keV) is possible with certain types of specimens. Its superb performance, particularly at low accelerating voltages (i.e., 0.2 to 1 kV using Beam Deceleration Mode), makes it especially suitable for imaging the surface detail of polymeric, biological, and other low-density materials. Imaging detectors include a standard secondary electron detector for large working distances, a motorized low-energy backscatter electron detector and in-lens (In-Beam Mode) secondary and backscatter electron detectors at short working distances. The Mira SEM is equipped with dual Bruker XFlash EDS detectors and Bruker eFlash HR EBSD for elemental analysis and crystallographic grain orientation studies, respectively.



Au on Carbon block, 200V in Beam Deceleration Mode

Tescan Mira 3

Tescan Manual


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