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Thermo Fisher Spectra 300 STEM 30-300kV (Andromeda)

Duffield Hall 150


The Thermo Fisher  Spectra 300 STEM (Andromeda) is a high resolution aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscope.  The microscope is equipped with X-CFEG ultra-high brightness source, 5th order probe corrector, and Dual-X EDX detector with 1.8 srad solid angle.

Expected installation March 2023

Reservation Rules:
2-week reservation window in FOM. Reservations should be minimum of 4 hours with start times at 8 AM or 1 PM to maximize instrument usage.

One reservation per week permitted during any 1-week window.

Additional times can be reserved if within 48 hours of the start time. Contact manager for any reservation exceptions.

Primary Contact

John Grazul
(607) 255-4130
Duffield Hall, Room 150

Secondary Contact

Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57

Tertiary Contact

Malcolm (Mick) Thomas
Duffield Hall, Room 150
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