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Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices for Spin Manipulation

logo_irg_2IRG Senior Participants:
Dan Ralph (Phys, co-leader), Eun-Ah Kim (Phys, co-leader), Sunil Bhave (ElecE), Robert Buhrman (ApplPhys), Craig Fennie (ApplPhys), Gregory D. Fuchs (Appl Phys), David Muller (ApplPhys), Katja Nowack (Phys), Farhan Rana (ElecE)
Collaborators: C.-B. Eom (Wisconsin), X. Fan (Denver), G. Finocchio (U. Messina, Italy), S. Gruner (Cornell), D. Lederman (West Virginia), X. Li (UT Austin), A. Manchon (KAUST), K. A. Moler (Stanford), N. Samarth (Penn. State), D. Schlom (Cornell), S. Sluyterman (FEI Co., Eindhoven), J. Q. Xiao (Delaware), F. Yang (Ohio State)

The goal of our research is to understand, optimize, and develop applications of new methods for manipulating electron spins, in both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. The group is pursuing the materials innovations necessary for the control of ferromagnetic dynamics using spin-transfer torque, developing a new class of coherent, frequency-tunable microwave sources, investigating new mechanisms for current-controlled spin dynamics within antiferromagnets and ferromagnet/antiferromagnet devices, and studying spin transport and spin torque in the surface state of topological insulators. Advances in spin control may enable a variety of applications, including nonvolatile magnetic random access memories capable of being scaled to very high densities.

E-mail IRG leaders: Eun-Ah Kim and Dan Ralph

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