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It’s Cold Inside! (and outside, it is Ithaca of course…)


A new liquid helium cryostat allows for low and high temperature Raman and FTIR measurements in the Bard Materials facility.  The cryostat, a MicrostatHires2 model from Oxford instruments, accommodates samples from thin films to up to 5mm in thickness from 4.2°K up to 500°K with temperature controll better than ±0.1°K.  The cryostat can operate with liquid helium or with liquid nitrogen for more convenient and economical testing above 77K.  The cryostat can be placed in the Tensor 27 spectrometer compartment for FTIR transmission measurements OR on the Renishaw microscope for Raman reflection measurements.  The cryostat also features an electrical feedthrough with 10 solder studs for electrical connections to a sample or chip carrier. Please contact Kit Umbach or Phil Carubia in the Bard Materials facility for more information.

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