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Metglas’ First Ryusuke Hasegawa Graduate Fellow!

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Metglas, Inc., the world’s leading producer of Amorphous Metal Foil (www.metglas.com) is pleased to welcome the first Ryusuke Hasegawa Graduate Fellow: David Kemmenoe, Ph.D. student in Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering.  David will be doing his Ph.D. research on the “Nanoscale Material Structure Influence on Mechanical Properties in Thin Metallic Glasses” with Ph.D. advisor Professor Shefford Baker, Materials Science and Engineering.
The Fellowship honors Ryusuke Hasegawa, Metglas’  Vice President of Research and Development, an expert on amorphous magnetic materials, for his years of service.  Dr. Hasegawa has had a distinguished career starting with his Ph.D. work at CalTech with Professor Pol Duwez, a pioneer in the discovery of metallic glasses.  Dr. Hasegawa has been with Metglas since the 1970’s (then Allied Signal) and has led the development of soft magnetic amorphous materials for use in commercial applications such as energy efficient transformers.  He has authored more than 150 technical papers in the field of amorphous and crystalline magnetic materials and their applications and he has 51 U.S. patents. Dr. Hasegawa initiated Metglas’ long-term collaboration with Professor Paul Steen, Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Engineering, which led to the creation of the fellowship. Prof. Steen led the selection procedure.
Metglas’ interest is in how the processing conditions during rapid solidification couple to the amorphous and near-amorphous structure of the foil.  Metglas’ aim is to cultivate the interest and develop the skills of potential employees, according to Dr. Eric Theisen, Metglas Research and Development Manager.
The CCMR will administer the fellowship.

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