Welcome to the CCMR Shared Facilities

COVID-19 Specific Information:

The CCMR Facilities are now open with additional expectations  due to COVID-19. Updates will be posted here. At this time, due to rising COVID positivity rates in the area and surrounding areas, any research by non-Cornell researchers which can be performed remotely, must be performed remotely. Visiting research will only be approved on a case by case basis with high scrutiny.

In addition to normal requirements, users of any Cornell facility are expected to:

  • Follow current New York State guidance for travel, noting travel guidance, COVID testing, quarantine, traveler health form, etc. Starting 4/1/21 no quarantine is required for domestic travelers to NYS (see announcement).
  • Complete the EH&S Return to Campus online training. Directions here.
  • Cornell users must be on a reactivation plan and adhere to the reactivation plan of their research group. External industry or academic users must submit a COVID-19 external user agreement form. Approval will be on a case by case basis and will likely require COVID testing within the Cornell surveillance testing program (minimum one test every 2 weeks).
  • Complete the daily check prior to arriving on campus each day, and adhere to all University policies.
  • Bring their own cloth mask (w/o relief valves) to be worn at all times in facility rooms.

Important facility policies (at this time):

  • Instruments in rooms with no other instrumentation can be reserved through FOM. Instruments sharing space with other instruments should be requested through this Google form until CCMR staff indicate otherwise. Non-reactivated individuals are not permitted in buildings, but can request service through the Google form. Instrument time should only be requested by reactivated researchers.
  • Occupancy limits of rooms will be posted and strictly enforced.
  • No consuming of food or drink in any shared facility space.
  • Limited in-person trainings or in-person assistance. All instruments should offer some training modality whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.
  • There will be staff labor charges for in-person training, remote training, service work, and extensive assistance provided by CCMR staff.
  • Users are expected to disinfect instrument areas before use. Staff will provide disinfectant and instructions.
  • Instruments may only be used by the person for whom reserved in FOM. Instances requiring deviations from this must be approved by staff before the reservation time slot.
  • For the safety of our students, staff and families, and the broader community, we expect full compliance with these policies. There will be zero-tolerance  for violations or unfamiliarity of these policies, resulting in loss of facility privileges.

CCMR COVID19 User Agreement
See https://www.cornell.edu/coronavirus/ for the latest University information.

A new non-Cornell researcher who needs hands-on use of instruments would need to (coronavirus requirements in italics):

  • Request a CCMR (FOM) account by providing account number or billing information. Submit the External User Request form. You should receive confirmation with guestID within 2 business days.
  • Complete the COVID-19 External User form (link above). If you require in-person staff assistance, indicate this. You will need to become part of the Cornell COVID surveillance testing program, and a sponsored netID will be requested on your behalf. If you are already trained on instruments and don’t require any staff assistance, you may use your guestID (gid) to log into Cornell daily checks.
  • If operating instruments, complete orientation forms for facility area(s) that you will be using. Note which EH&S safety trainings need to be completed.
  • Complete EH&S safety training 2019: Return to Campus and other required safety trainings.
  • Initial request through the Google form (link above) and you may also contact the facility staff person, if known.



The CCMR Shared Facilities offers world-class materials analysis and processing equipment overseen by expert instrument managers. To see our instrumentation pages, please click on any of the User Instrument categories in the sidebar or use the search field in the top right of the window to look for a particular instrument or technique.

It’s very easy to become a facility user and instrument operator. See ‘Becoming a CCMR Facility User’ in the sidebar.

If there is any capability you are not finding here, please visit the Materials Research Facilities Network which includes shared resources at similar research centers.

Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback to ccmr-facilities@cornell.edu, or to our Qualtrics online survey where feedback is anonymous.

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