Welcome to the CCMR Shared Facilities

COVID-19 Specific Information (Updated 1/12/22):

The CCMR Facilities are now open with additional expectations  due to COVID-19 campus yellow status:

  • Visiting researchers from other institutions are permitted and will be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of booster will be required starting February 2022.
  • Cloth masks along are not approved. Higher quality N95 or KN95 masks are recommended, see Cornell masking information here.
  • Adhere to all University policies.

Important facility policies (updated 6/1/21 due to increased on-campus vaccination percentages):

  • No occupancy limits or buffer times.
  • No consuming of food or drink in any shared facility space.
  • Staff will provide disinfectant if desired.
  • Instruments may only be used by the person for whom reserved in FOM. Instances requiring deviations from this must be approved by staff before the reservation time slot.

See https://www.cornell.edu/coronavirus/ for the latest University information.

A new non-Cornell researcher who needs hands-on use of instruments will need to (coronavirus requirements in italics):



Our mission is to provide analytic resources for all researchers. We welcome the opportunity to accommodate anyone with a disability.

The CCMR Shared Facilities offers world-class materials analysis and processing equipment overseen by expert instrument managers. To see our instrumentation pages, please click on any of the User Instrument categories in the sidebar or use the search field in the top right of the window to look for a particular instrument or technique. It’s very easy to become a facility user and instrument operator. See ‘Becoming a CCMR Facility User’ in the sidebar.

If there is any capability you are not finding here, please visit the Materials Research Facilities Network which includes shared resources at similar research centers.

Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback to ccmr-facilities@cornell.edu, or to our Qualtrics online survey where feedback is anonymous.

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