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FOM (Facility Online Manager) is CCMR’s new facilities management system.

Location: FOM is located at https://fom.ccmr.cornell.edu. The use of a private/incognito browser window is highly recommended, and is necessary for shared computers.

Registration: FOM registration instructions can be found here.

Account Updates: FOM is a self-service system. Users can update their accounts by visiting their “My Accounts” page in FOM. Account updates will be in effect once the change is confirmed by the CCMR Finance team.

Instrument Access: Users can request instrument access by following the instructions here.

Reservations: Instrument reservations in FOM can be made by clicking on the start time of the reservation in the instrument calendar. Once you click on the start time, you get a pop-up to complete your reservation; that pop-up includes a dropdown to select the end time for your reservation in FOM.

Logon/Logoff: Instrument enable/disable is called logon/logoff in FOM. You can logon to an instrument by clicking on your reservation in the equipment schedule. If you don’t have a reservation, and the instrument is available, you may be able to perform an express logon.

Admin Contact: Please use the below email address for any questions.

CCMR FOM Admin email address

Account Deactivation: If you are no longer using the CCMR Facilities, you can deactivate your account by visiting the “My Profile” page in FOM, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on “Deactivate”.

Note: CCMR FOM will automatically deactivate your account if you show more than one year of inactivity. Likewise, if you have a Guest ID that’s not been logged into for more than a year, that Guest ID will become inactive. Contact the CCMR FOM Administrator if either of these happens.

“Requested entity too large” error: It is best to access CCMR FOM in a private / incognito browser window. If you don’t, you may run into an error that says, “Requested entity too large.” Instructions on how to resolve this issue can be found here.

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