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Industrial Partnerships Program – Any Company, Any Challenge!

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The CCMR is preparing its labs and it is dedicating funding for industry’s post-lockdown needs. Faculty and technical managers are developing safe ways to train equipment users. They are getting ready to synthesize, characterize and analyze the materials that industry will need to develop the critical products of the new economy from PPE; medical tests, diagnostics and devices; imaging technologies; smart wearables; methods for tracing contacts; security, and food safety devices; to database mining.


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Any Company, Any Challenge.

The Industrial Partnerships Program helps industry solve real-world challenges using a science-based, uniquely collaborative approach. It provides:

World Class Capabilities

Access to renowned faculty and experts, and state of the art equipment enabling industry partners to solve short-term and long-term technical challenges. To help you identify the most appropriate expert/partner, Cornell faculty members have been grouped under Research Areas. Instruments are listed at Facilities.

Streamlined Solutions Access

Fast, easy and cost-effective solutions providing Matching funds to industry sponsored projects. Specific programs address the needs of large and small businesses from New York State (NYS) and beyond. More on CCMR Programs and matching funds for industry partners.

Long-term Industry Investment

Delivering meaningful results through changing company needs and growth. Industry Partners from NY State and beyond, NY State small businesses and multiple Facilities users represent a rich portfolio of varied industry sectors.

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Mark Your Calendar

CCMR Facilities 101 – Canceled
CCMR Symposium – Canceled
JumpStart Program Deadline – July 1st, 2020
INVEST Program Deadline – May 15, 20



Media Highlight

VIDEO: CCMR helps manufacturers develop innovative products


Did You Know?

In 2019, 31 companies worked with Cornell materials experts and developed new materials for functioning fibers, energy storage, and more. Learn how we help large and small companies from NY and beyond: SUCCESS STORIES | PRESS RELEASES | HIGHLIGHTS

We Can Help You:

Solve technical roadblocks and improve products
Develop prototypes and innovative products
Optimize manufacturing processes
Develop new technologies
Validate technologies
Evaluate technical investments
Develop new and or sustainable materials
Characterize/ Image materials
Conduct QA/QC
Explore new markets
Train current workforce
Recruit employees and interns

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