Research Experience for Teachers I (Team-RET)

No RET program in 2014

Team-RET provides middle school, high school and community college math and science teachers with an intense, six-week period of in-depth study at the CCMR laboratories with facility managers, faculty, and graduate students. In the Team-RET program, five select science teachers spend the first five weeks primarily in the CCMR Shared Experimental Facilities. They work together as a team to understand how the equipment in the facility works and to solve research problems set out by the facility manager. The sixth week is dedicated to developing a materials science related lesson plan based on their experience in the facilities. Copies of Team-RET alumni lesson plans can be found on our RET Modules page.

“The RET program here was exciting, engaging, thought provoking and edifying. I was exposed to instruments I had only heard about and understood in theory… I can’t thank CCMR enough.”

~Sydney Mendez, Chemistry Teacher, Nottingham High School, Syracuse, NY

For more information on the Team-RET program please see our RET FAQ's page.