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K-12 Student Programs

The Educational Programs Office (EPO) regularly visits classrooms to present hands-on science modules and/or give science talks. Presentations are given by Cornell faculty, post docs, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff to all grade levels. The EPO has presented a variety of lessons directly to K-12 students in various settings, including in school classrooms, at Cornell labs, at a correctional facility and a science museum.

Each semester, the EPO presents STEM modules at venues like the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy, Homeschool Science Partnership, Lansing Residential Center, 4-H Youth Cooperative Extension, and other elementary, middle, and high schools in Ithaca, Syracuse, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Puerto Rico. The EPO also works with the graduate student leaders of Expanding Your Horizons to organize more than 30 hands-on workshops in science, engineering, math and technology.

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