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Student Internships

Internships provide entrepreneurial students with opportunities to gain essential experience in companies from NY State (NYS) and beyond.

NYS businesses:

Companies developing products or technologies related to materials can apply for matching funds for internship through our collaboration with Entrepreneurship at Cornell.

The CCMR will provide 20% of the internship cost not to exceed $1,000 to selected companies developing products or technologies related to materials.

Manufacturing and R&D NYS small to mid-sized businesses from the following industry sectors are eligible: materials, chemistry, energy, pharmaceuticals, food, and textile.

Students from the following departments and colleges are eligible: College of Engineering, and Departments of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Physics, applied Physics, and Food Science.

For more details Contact our office!

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CCMR Contact:

John Sinnott, CCMR

607-255-7070 (jps39@cornell.edu)

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Contact:

Debra Moesch, Internship Director

607-254-2802 (dlm8@cornell.edu)


CCMR sponsorship is provided through a matching grant from NYS Empire State Development (ESD) to the CCMR.

Please note that the ESD office requires us to report annually economic impacts that resulted from the CCMR-funded internship to demonstrate return on the state’s investment. The partner companies will be contacted by the CCMR up to 5 times over the following 5 years after the completion of the internship to assess their satisfaction with the project and its business impact.

The CCMR will write press releases, success stories and articles with the collaboration of the industrial partners to showcase the CCMR program and the partner company.


Companies from out of state:

Industry partners can contact the CCMR as they look for interns in the US and abroad industry@ccmr.cornell.edu

Jeremy Fredricks Cornell Materials Science and Engineering 2016, did an internship in 2017 at the Corporate Research and Development Center of Sekisui Chemical Co. in Tsukuba, Japan.  Jeremy worked on development of metal catalysts for industrially relevant chemical production.


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