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The CCMR and its partners in the News!

About the CCMR, Faculty members, students and projects:

CCMR co-sponsors M.Eng. students’ projects with NY State businesses

The CCMR and FuzeHub at the Build4Scale workshop in Binghamton

Zymtronix  joins Terra Food and Ag Accelerator

Companies needed for Cornell Interns

CCMR in MACNY September 2018 newsletter

Ithaca entrepreneurs

Popcorn-powered robots

The CCMR at the SBIR Road Tour in Rochester!

Dynamic Boundaries, a CCMR partner, joins Cornell’s business incubator

Novo Nordisk commits $7M for Prof. Minglin Ma‘s diabetes research

Food scientist  works to improve nutrition

Metglas and CCMR, page 12 of the eship magazine

Heliohex and CCMR collaborate for better LED lighting for plants

Cornell JumpStarts small businesses

Controlled Environment Agriculture for Metro Areas

Iko One, Engineering Innovation Winner!

Whether for cables for helicopter rescues or bulletproof vests, advancing materials work!

Heliohex  participates in Cornell’s JumpStart Program

Prof. Frank Wise takes rein from Prof. Melissa Hines as Director of CCMR

About the CMR Partners:

Lab141: Andrea madho’s TEDx Talk

VitaScan winner of BAYER G4AGenerator

Heliohex: Developing LEDs for Indoor Farming

Vital Vio: Germ-Killing Light

Genius NY Finals Night April 9, 2018

Vital Vio selected by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of its “100 Infection Control Products to Know” in 2018.


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