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Explore for NY State companies

Explore supports NYS businesses by:

  • Lowering the barriers to entry for usage of the CCMR facilities
  • Providing an opportunity
    • To test and explore the viability of a technique
    • To receive training on a new instrument

Rolling Process: submit an Explore request NOW!

Companies looking for a Cornell partner are invited to Contact our office

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This is a first come-first serve opportunity based on the availability of funding. Explore will cover 33% (up to $500) of the cost of  an industry user’s “first usage” of the facilities.

A first usage could be:

  • One training session on an instrument new to the user and direct instrument use
  • One training session on an instrument new to the user, instrument use and facility manager labor
  • One session on an instrument new to the user done as a service


How does it work?

1- The industry user has to submit an Explore request, for the CCMR to refer the user to the most appropriate facility manager and to the right instrument.

2- The Industrial Partnership staff will acknowledge reception of the request within the next business day.

a – If the user knows which instrument he/she wants to use and which facility manager to contact, he/she can then contact directly the manager.

b – If the user does not know which instrument to use. The CCMR will identify the appropriate Cornell facility manager as a function of the company’s needs and put them in contact.

3-  Once the facility manager and the industry user have defined a work plan, the industry user will request a CCMR coral account if he/she does not have already one.

4- In the next 15 business days following acknowledgement of his/her request, the industry user will either submit samples, or schedule time for training, for direct or indirect usage, or for facility manager time.

The Explore funds are provided through a matching grant from NYS’s Empire State Development (ESD) to the CCMR.

Please note that the ESD office requires us to report annually economic impacts that resulted from the CCMR-funded project to demonstrate return on the state’s investment. The partner companies will be contacted by the CCMR up to 5 times over the following 5 years after the completion of the project to assess their satisfaction with the project and its business impact.

The CCMR will write press releases, success stories and articles with the collaboration of the industrial partners to showcase the CCMR program and the partner company.

  • List of CCMR instruments 
  • Estimates of costs for training, for combined usage and manager time, and per sample of a group of widely used intruments.
  • CCMR Industry Facilities rates for direct usage.




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