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Polymer Outreach Program (POP)

Research in the CCMR Polymer Outreach Program (POP) spans the entire spectrum of polymer science and engineering. The POP faculty group brings together expertise from diverse disciplines from biochemistry to textiles, with broad capabilities in synthesis, characterization, and theory to address the problems and interests of industry partners.

POP Faculty


G. Coates (C&CB)
F. DiSalvo (C&CB)
E. Giannelis (MS&E)
S. Lee (C&CB)
C. Liddell (MS&E)
C. Ober (MS&E)
D. Putnam (C&BE)
D. Sogah (C&CB)
A. Stroock (C&CB)


H. Abruña (C&CB)
L. Archer (C&BE)
A. Baeumner (B&EE)
L. Bonassar (BME/M&AE)
C. Cohen (C&BE)
I. Cohen (PHY)
S. Daniel (C&BE)
L. Estroff (MS&E)
M. Frey (FS&AD)
S. Gruner (PHY)
T. Hanrath (C&BE)
M. Hines (C&CB)
J. Hinestroza (FS&AD)
J. Marohn (C&CB)
A. Netravali (FS&AD)
L. Pollack (A&EP)
M. Silberstein (M&AE)
U. Wiesner (MS&E)




F Escobedo (C&BE)
Y.L. Joo (C&BE)
B. Widom (C&CB)



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