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SEM skipping generations ahead (Nov 2017)

Users have relied upon the ‘Keck’ SEM, a 2nd generation Zeiss Gemini 500 SEM. We have just added a 4th generation Zeiss Gemini SEM to the electron microscopy capabilities in the CCMR Shared Facilities. Compared with the Keck SEM, the new Gemini 500 can image down to 200V beam voltage and can achieve nanometer resolution at 20% of the beam voltage of its predecessor. Furthermore, the system can operate in low-vacuum mode, where the sample can be in several Torr of atmosphere. This is great news for researchers looking to avoid beam damage, charging, and needing to image soft materials. The Gemini 500, located in Clark F3, will soon be equipped with an x-ray detector. Please see the instrument page for more details.

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