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CCMR Symposium

2017 Symposium – June 16-17, 2017

Atomic Origami: a Technology Platform for Nanoscale Machines, Sensors, and Robots?

Organizing committee: Prof. Itai Cohen and Paul McEuen,  Physics, Cornell University

Speakers: Dr. Robert J. Lang, Robert Lang Origami; Dr. Radislav Potyrailo, GE Global Research; Dr. Peter Trefonas, The Dow Chemical Company; Prof. John Crocker, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania; Prof. John Hart, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Larry L. Howell, Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University; Dr. Marc Miskin, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University; and Prof. Jiwoong Park, Chemistry, The University of Chicago.

Congratulations to the 4 poster presenters who were selected by the off-campus attendees: Eric Schwen received the first Prize!

  • Embedding Memories in Colloidal Gels through Oscillatory Shear

Eric Schwen, Meera Ramaswamy, Chieh-Min Cheng, Linda Jan, and Prof. Itai Cohen*

  • Adhesion Goniometry of Atomic Membranes

Chao Sun, Dr. Marc Miskin, and Profs. Paul McEuen* and William Dichtel*

  • Nanoscale Sheets for Rapid Bidirectional Folding

Baris Bircan, Marc Z. Miskin, Kyle J. Dorsey, and Professors Paul L. McEuen and Itai Cohen*

  • Magnetic Actuation of Graphene Origami/Kirigami

Tanner Pearson, Kyle Dorsey, Samantha Norris, Baris Bircan, Edward Esposito, and Profs. Itai Cohen and Paul L. McEuen*

* Principal Investigator



Symposium explores possibilities of origami machines

Cornell Chronicle: CCMR Symposium



“Paper, Crystal and my Old Pair of Jeans,” by Prof. Jiwoong Park, University of Chicago

“Origami-Based Engineering: Macro Applications as Inspiration for All Size Scales,” by Prof. Larry L. Howell, Brigham Young University

“Using DNA to Make Mechanical Metamaterials and Bimorphs,” Prof. John Crocker, University of Pennsylvania

“Ultrathin Flexographic Printing,” Prof. John Hart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“2D Materials for the Fabrication of Micron-Sized, Autonomous Origami Machines,” by Dr. Marc Miskin, Cornell University


Poster List and Agenda:

2017 Symposium Poster List

2017 Symposium Agenda


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