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Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System

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The PPMS consists of a 9 Tesla superconducting magnet in a helium dewar with sample temperature range of 1.9-400 K. The numerous combinations of electrical measurements, magnetic fields and temperatures allow for a multitude of measurements:

• Resistivity, determination of superconductivity critical temperatures

• AC Transport, Hall Effect measurements

• Rotating sample holder for 360 degree sample rotation in field

• Magnetic susceptibility and M-H hysteresis loop measurements

• Open software architecture allows for additional types of electrical measurements

For magnetic measurements, samples are placed on a sample rod and magnetic response is measured via two pickup coils. The ACMS option can measure with 2.5×10-5 emu sensitivity in DC mode, and 10-8 emu sensitivity in AC mode. The VSM option is capable of high-speed DC measurements with 1×10-6 emu sensitivity at a collection rate of 1 point/second and a sensitivity approaching 1×10-7 emu at ~20 seconds per point.

For electrical measurements, each sample is attached to a puck which has up to 12 electrical leads for performing DC resistivity, AC resistivity, I-V curves, Hall Effect, and critical current measurements. A horizontal sample rotator allows any of these electrical measurements with 360-degree sample rotation in the magnetic field. Samples must be <24 mm in diameter or <16 mm square.

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