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Sulfur Encapsulation by MOF-derived CoS2 embedded in carbon hosts for high-performance Li-S batteries, Na Zhang et. al; JAMA DOI: 10.1039/c9ta06947j

Duffield Hall 150

20081021163107_PRstudent_TEM.jpg-thumb_0200 kV field emission transmission electron microscope with monochromator. 1 Å in TEM and 1.4 Å in STEM. Equipped with a Gatan tridium spectrometer for electron energy loss spectroscopy spectra at high energy resolution <0.2 eV, optimized recording of energy filtered TEM elemental maps, EELS low-loss studies (e.g. band gap analysis), and chemical bonding information at nanometer resolution. The Tecnai is also able to do electron tomography, which produces 3-D structures from 2-D projections, by acquiring an image every 2 degrees at angles +/- 70 degrees. This is only possible using our tomography holder and specialized software.

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Reservation Rules:
2-week reservation window in FOM. Reservations should be minimum of 4 hours with start times at 8 AM or 1 PM to maximize instrument usage.

One reservation per week permitted during any 1-week window.

Additional times can be reserved if within 48 hours of the start time. Contact manager for any reservation exceptions.

120 kV usage on Thursdays and Fridays only to allow for voltage changes.

Primary Contact

John Grazul
(607) 255-4130
Duffield Hall, Room 150

Secondary Contact

Malcolm (Mick) Thomas
Duffield Hall, Room 150
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