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JASCO-1500 CD Spectrometer

Bard Hall B56

The JASCO J-1500 measures the relative transmission of left and right circularly polarized light in the 163-950 nm spectral range. Circular dichroism is used to characterize chiral molecules,

JASCO J-1500 spectrometer

JASCO J-1500 spectrometer

particularly the secondary and tertiary structure of proteins. This instrument includes a thermoelectrically heated and cooled sample turret for efficient measurement of multiple samples as a function of temperature. The spectrometer can be programmed to cycle through up to 6 samples, measuring circular and linear dichroism at either single wavelength or as full spectra at each temperature in a profile.

Instrument specs are below:

  • Source: Xe lamp with nitrogen purging.
  • Energy discrimination: Double prism monochromator.
  • Sample holder: 1 mm (with spacer) to 10 mm path length quartz cuvettes for liquids. Thin solids possible.
  • Temperature control: 6 position turreted theormelectrically controlled sample environment, -40 to 130 C.

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Mark Pfeifer
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Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57
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