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Thermo Fisher Talos Arctica TEM/STEM

Physical Sciences Building, Room B05

The 200kV Arctica TEM is optimized for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging for single particle cryo-EM.

This instrument features:

  • Autoloader allowing up to 12 grids to be loaded under liquid nitrogen and kept under vacuum ready for imaging
  • Automatic filling of liquid nitrogen allowing unattended operation
  • Stable stage for imaging at cryogenic conditions capable of high tilt for tomography
  • K3 direct electron detector for high-quality TEM imaging
  • Gatan Bioquantum energy filter: zero-loss imaging for increased contrast, especially in thicker specimens, and energy-filtered TEM imaging for elemental mapping all on the K3
  • Automated data collection for single particle EM and tomography using SerialEM software
  • STEM imaging (BF/HAADF/Segmented DF2 + DF4 detectors)
  • 4-GPU workstation for on-the-fly data processing

More information from the manufacturer.

For rate information, see the rates page.


Example of Arctica capabilities.


Primary Contact

Katie Spoth
PSB Room, G-07

Secondary Contact

Mariena Silvestry Ramos
PSB Room G-07
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