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Thermo Fisher Talos Arctica TEM/STEM

Physical Sciences Building, Room B05

The 200kV Arctica TEM is optimized for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging for single particle cryo-EM.

This instrument features:

  • Autoloader allowing up to 12 grids to be loaded under liquid nitrogen and kept under vacuum ready for imaging
  • Automatic filling of liquid nitrogen allowing unattended operation
  • Stable stage for imaging at cryogenic conditions capable of high tilt for tomography
  • K3 direct electron detector for high-quality TEM imaging
  • Gatan Bioquantum energy filter: zero-loss imaging for increased contrast, especially in thicker specimens
  • Automated data collection for single particle EM and tomography using EPU or SerialEM software
  • STEM imaging (BF/HAADF/Segmented DF2 + DF4 detectors)
  • 4-GPU workstation for on-the-fly data processing

More information from the manufacturer.

For rate information, see the rates page.

Arctica policies
SerialEM Instructions
EPU instructions


Example of Arctica capabilities.

Primary Contact

Katie Spoth
PSB Room, G-07

Secondary Contact

Mariena Silvestry Ramos
PSB Room G-07
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