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TA Instruments DSC Auto 2500 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

B78 S. T. Olin Laboratory

Determines glass-transition, crystallization, and melting temperatures­—characteristics that are of fundamental importance in the processing of various amorphous and crystalline materials. Transitions can be measured for a wide range of materials, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, composites, fibers, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Has nitrogen-purged sample and reference cells with a three-stage refrigerated cooling system for optimum temperature control and stability. Equipped with a 54-chamber autosampling platform for high-throughput analysis. Operating temperature range: -90 to 400°C. Capable of running both standard and sinusoidal modulated DSC experiments. Direct measurements of specific heat capacity can be made in a single sample run instead of the more time consuming three-run-method.

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Anthony Condo
B71 S. T. Olin Laboratory
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