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Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System

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The “Red” PPMS consists of a 9 Tesla superconducting magnet in a helium dewar with sample temperature range of 1.8-400 K. The numerous combinations of electrical measurements, magnetic fields, and temperatures allow for a multitude of measurements:

• Resistivity (DC or low-frequency AC)

• Hall Effect (DC or low-frequency AC)

• I-V curves and critical current measurement

• Rotating sample probe for >360 degree sample rotation in field (two rotational axes available)

• Open software architecture allows for additional types of electrical measurements

[Note – This system is no longer used for magnetic measurements.  The VSM measurement option is located with the DynaCool system as of May 2019.  AC susceptibility measurements can be performed on the MPMS3 system as of 2020.]

For electrical measurements, each sample is attached to a puck which has up to 12 electrical leads for performing measurements with built-in measurement options as outlined above, or with external instrumentation. The built-in Resistivity and AC Transport options provide a source current and measure the resulting voltage for simple measurements of resistance or Hall Effect.  A sample rotator probe allows any of these electrical measurements with >360-degree sample rotation in the magnetic field, with rotation available in or perpendicular to the plane of a thin film sample.

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Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21

Secondary Contact

Jonathan Shu
Clark Hall, Room 633
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