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Bruker D8 General Area Detector Diffraction System (GADDS)

Bard Hall SB56

The new Bruker-AXS D8 Discover Diffractometer with a Vantec 2D detector uses a polycap focusing system to produce a very intense beam from a fixed X-ray source.  The beam can be collimated down to 0.3 mm, which allows researchers to collect data from very a small amount of sample. The image below shows a penny with the laser spot indicating the scale of area that can be analyzed. A large sample stage with X-Y-Z controls and phi rotation can accommodate large samples and allows researchers to perform automated wafer mapping. The X-ray source is easily changed from Cu radiation to Co radiation which yields a much improved signal from Co-bearing materials. The instrument provides very fast data acquisition for phase identification and crystallographic texture analysis.penny w laser


Bruker D8 instructions 11-18-16

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Primary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Thurston Hall, Room 113

Secondary Contact

Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57
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